K that ones lame
Aneisa Nembhard said yesterday
what is recau
recau commented yesterday
ok it is all right
akira posted on Nov 20, 2014
WE always had a pomarac tree, I loved the fruit since I was a child. I tried planting the seed in my other grandmother's yard, when I...
STACY Y BLONDELL-ORR said on Nov 20, 2014
And in Bimshire, we call them ackees
246standup replied on Nov 19, 2014
I have not seen that in more that 30 years, would like to find some on my next trip to Trinidad
William O said on Nov 18, 2014
Golden apple
snuke posted on Nov 17, 2014
hi added on Nov 17, 2014
hi commented on Nov 17, 2014
hi love this fruit
kaleo said on Nov 17, 2014
Ganga not ganda
Ganga said on Nov 16, 2014
The term here is correct if you are Jamaican. Coolie is not an offensive term in Jamaica. My family is black and coolie, for...
Tintin added on Nov 13, 2014
the opossum is not a rat it is in fact it is a marsupial closer related to a kangaroo hence the pouch on its stomach for incubating...
tallgreens added on Nov 12, 2014
Usually prepared with rice
e posted on Nov 11, 2014
love this site it's d real deal
shenesse posted on Nov 10, 2014
Chose a picture of a Caribbean person showing the look of a dougla so you can see the mixture is better than having a picture of...
StephanieC posted on Nov 10, 2014
I know this to be a sugar apple and the reddish color one without the bumps is called custard apple.
Dez added on Nov 09, 2014
Honestly, this maybe a little extreme; please forgive me. As I got older, I begin to watch and do much study apon creolese or...
Khari06096 added on Nov 06, 2014
Carmen jones style
Jennifer Viarruel Sutherland said on Oct 30, 2014
bud peppa
Bird peppers here because they are consumed and spread by birds through droppings
Susan Laura Salandy-Moolchan commented on Oct 30, 2014
Susan Laura Salandy-Moolchan said on Oct 30, 2014
Also aubergine
Susan Laura Salandy-Moolchan commented on Oct 30, 2014
alligator pear
We people and the rest of the world appreciate the balance it gives to tart, spicy and salty foods. We people also appreciate its...
suhuso replied on Oct 30, 2014
also called sugar apple in Trinidad
suhuso added on Oct 30, 2014
"Chadon benid" - the "good herb"
suhuso posted on Oct 30, 2014
Did you know that in addition to avacado, zaboca is also called alligator pear.
Rampo: replied on Oct 27, 2014
ground provisions
AMANDA posted on Oct 25, 2014
is it not bax as in " i wa bax yu rass"
mark commented on Oct 24, 2014
we call it chenette/chenet!
stanton added on Oct 23, 2014
We call this fruit guinep in Jamaica.
Tarple commented on Oct 22, 2014
It's a common tradition in haiti especially from what I hear.
schwana man posted on Oct 22, 2014
Mi luv breadfuit ripe and fry
gia commented on Oct 18, 2014
Ground food
gia said on Oct 18, 2014
gia replied on Oct 18, 2014
Bag juice
gia commented on Oct 18, 2014
We say matta
jeanell posted on Oct 18, 2014
ti carole
In Jamaica we call it suck suck...
Jeanell replied on Oct 18, 2014
> I suspect this is a variant of the word 'stalwart'

this is the most credible interpretation I've found of this...
mahself added on Oct 14, 2014
you cant
Vybz added on Oct 08, 2014
stinkin toe
nahh matee stinkyy
connor collerannn said on Oct 06, 2014
nice I love des very good very nice I like it
jamie hayter commented on Oct 06, 2014
hog apple
sweet dunham
joel added on Oct 06, 2014
wood slave
I like that wood slaves (gecko) can walk on glass.
Joshua commented on Oct 04, 2014
When I was a child my parents taught me to use the word Stinkie or stool to describe feces. Now I am a grandmother I have taught the...
Katie Adderley replied on Oct 02, 2014
De word iz fass
Oslyn said on Oct 01, 2014
I totally agree. We already have stinking toe. That green fruit is what I know and ate as a locust in Jamaica...apparently now they...
ackeegrl added on Oct 01, 2014
forty leg
Forty leg and centipedes are two different creatures.
Ray Ash commented on Sep 26, 2014
what is the go to buy car
Robert Scott added on Sep 24, 2014
called Sapodilla in Guyana. makes a great pie, much like apple pie, but less spices necessary
Skip commented on Sep 23, 2014
now this is the Star Apple.
Skip replied on Sep 23, 2014