I am unaware of the language or dialect from which the word BAKU was taken and became inclusive in creol which permeates the lives...
Auntie Cumsee posted 20 hours ago
you are cool (not)
luke commented yesterday

gives the translation of "rolling pin" as...
Lisa added on Jan 26, 2015
I thought it was a spirit that haunts people. How does it suck peoples blood then??
armando m. replied on Jan 25, 2015
Jamaican call it starapple
Judith Judith posted on Jan 25, 2015
In India and UK, we call it custard apple.
Megan added on Jan 25, 2015
funny and true
adessa commented on Jan 24, 2015
pomme surette
We call the above photo Caimite in St. Lucia. What you call pomme surrette we call dungs/dunks, Chinese jujube and coco coolie.
Empress said on Jan 22, 2015
Almond seeds that "resembles" almonds. My favorite.
hey replied on Jan 22, 2015
wow really informative
britney replied on Jan 21, 2015
A medicinal plant, often given bad press, because like religion, it is highjacked by anarchic people, with little sense. Also like...
Bahama migratory visitor replied on Jan 21, 2015
We too call it Guinep in Guyana but pronounce it as 'Guinip'.
Ken added on Jan 17, 2015
Yes, we call this Gooseberry in Guyana.
Ken posted on Jan 17, 2015
Stephen commented on Jan 13, 2015
"Chimmy" In Jamaica it's just a pot in the 70-80s Era,It's what our grandparents Used to Urinate in At night when they woke up during...
Sleepyeyes007 replied on Jan 13, 2015
Jimbo, do you mean jook?
bunta commented on Jan 13, 2015
nigga toetee big
gaytt commented on Jan 09, 2015
Raspberry in Antigua
Stephen replied on Jan 09, 2015
Antigua... It's called Choba or Anchoba
Stephen added on Jan 09, 2015
pomme d'armour
We call it pomerac in Trinidad.
Lucina Prime said on Jan 08, 2015
Dunks Doung (Aprin, Chinese Jujube, Coolie Plum, Crabapple, Dindoulier, Dunk(s), Gingeolier, Indian Jujube, Liane Croc Chien,...
That guy just added on Jan 08, 2015
suck suck
ginger is a must
ginger commented on Jan 07, 2015
lovinia said on Jan 06, 2015
Ackee is wonderful with saltfish or even chicken so to all the people who don't eat I you are missing out on haven. it is a...
meika said on Jan 05, 2015
Jamaicans say this too
h added on Jan 03, 2015
renice said on Dec 29, 2014
The definition is correct that's what people call me nd my family we are from Jamaica but we are originally Indians mixed with Africans
jah jah said on Dec 20, 2014
alligator pear
We people also know that avocado is considered a super food and one of the fruits recommended by all doctors to be eaten daily. We...
Mark commented on Dec 14, 2014
theo commented on Dec 13, 2014
old joe
Dem does eat real good
chef added on Dec 11, 2014
stinkin toe
Hello! I would love to use this photo on my show on The Travel Channel. Please email me at janine@karga7.com Thank you!
Janine Hogan replied on Dec 02, 2014
Goombay is the official music of the Bahamas. It is also the name of a festival that was commonly held in the Bahamas.
Bernadette added on Dec 01, 2014
Junkanoo is celebrated in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. It is said to be celebrated on a much larger scale than Jamaica or Turks...
bernadette replied on Dec 01, 2014
A gilpin is a akin to a large cleaver that in used in the field rather than in the kitchen. It is like a large parang. ( the blade,...
Barrie said on Nov 30, 2014
we call that cerises too ;)
amy34 posted on Nov 29, 2014
tambrin ball
Tambran Ball
kenag replied on Nov 29, 2014
One recipe I know for this is "chenet chow" in a large bowl place a few bunches of peeled chenet/kenepa/guinep, add salt and black...
sektor5 commented on Nov 27, 2014
may naka gawa !! na po ba nun !!
majalla america febrer added on Nov 25, 2014
mad up yuh thing
shaneque posted on Nov 25, 2014
K that ones lame
Aneisa Nembhard said on Nov 22, 2014
what is recau
recau said on Nov 22, 2014
ok it is all right
akira commented on Nov 20, 2014
WE always had a pomarac tree, I loved the fruit since I was a child. I tried planting the seed in my other grandmother's yard, when I...
STACY Y BLONDELL-ORR commented on Nov 20, 2014
Golden apple
snuke said on Nov 17, 2014
hi love this fruit
kaleo said on Nov 17, 2014
Ganga not ganda
Ganga said on Nov 16, 2014
the opossum is not a rat it is in fact it is a marsupial closer related to a kangaroo hence the pouch on its stomach for incubating...
tallgreens commented on Nov 12, 2014
Usually prepared with rice
e replied on Nov 11, 2014
love this site it's d real deal
shenesse posted on Nov 10, 2014
Chose a picture of a Caribbean person showing the look of a dougla so you can see the mixture is better than having a picture of...
StephanieC posted on Nov 10, 2014