This is the most delicious fruit I have ever eaten. If you can find it please try.
Marlene commented on Jul 19, 2014
And to think, I almost tattooed the word "Cooli" on my left arm. It' truly a blessing to over stand all perceptions. So powerful it...
JAB posted on Jul 19, 2014
These are also called gooseberries in St. Lucia and in Creole- Patois, Siwèt
These are also called said on Jul 19, 2014
A wasp with a wicked sting.
Jack Spanya added on Jul 14, 2014
stamp and go
sm said on Jul 08, 2014
This is called ackee in St. Lucia
June said on Jul 07, 2014
We call it painkiller as well. It is a garbage plant so sometimes referred to as the starvation fruit. Many call it 'Noni' due to its...
Debbie said on Jul 06, 2014
stew dumpling
Also very familiarly called "conkie".
DMG commented on Jul 06, 2014
Zamy is not a Lesbian . . It is the acts performed by two lesbians.
Ming posted on Jul 06, 2014
Who calls this a zing in Trinidad . . ? . . This is a "Batimamselle"
Ming said on Jul 06, 2014
Molasses not sugar . .
Ming posted on Jul 06, 2014
Isn't this called "Chilibibi" in Trinidad. . ?
Ming posted on Jul 06, 2014
Dey cum forum a tahl tahl tree, right?
Hands said on Jul 05, 2014
We call this genip in St. John. Ackee a whole udder ting.
Hands replied on Jul 05, 2014
June commented on Jul 05, 2014
Delicious street food snack when paired with Tamarind Chutney loaded with Chadon beni and scotch bonnet peppers for great flavor.
June replied on Jul 05, 2014
Spelled "Pomme Au Rac" in TT and elsewhere. Trees can grow to over 50 feet.
June posted on Jul 05, 2014
In Tobago, these are made into round treats and called benne balls.
June replied on Jul 05, 2014
Gru Gru Bef palms have some long, sturdy thorns or "pickers" that could do some serious damage. Under the outer shell like covering...
June added on Jul 05, 2014
It's a contraction of an expression from the Middle Ages -- "God blind me". In other dialects (UK-based) it's "cor/gaw/gor (God)...
Lic said on Jul 05, 2014
Excellent for flavouring cook-up or pelau
Mizi said on Jul 03, 2014
Do you ppl read any other comments before posting?
Smh lol commented on Jun 25, 2014
Possibly related the English verb: haggle - meaning to barter
Remy Free added on Jun 23, 2014
From the mis-hearing/pronounciation of the word apocalypse meaning complete destruction
Remy Free posted on Jun 23, 2014
Owls are often also nicknamed patoo in Jamaica
Remy Free posted on Jun 23, 2014
Possibly from the mis-hearing/pronounciation of the English slang word - Tipple
Remy Free posted on Jun 23, 2014
Channel rice!
Allison E Daniels posted on Jun 21, 2014
this our national instrument you tune a pan then you play sweet music on it
ir posted on Jun 20, 2014
east indians call their grandmother nanny
ir said on Jun 20, 2014
do you know you use this same plant byputting it in some hot water and let cool to stop itch
ir commented on Jun 20, 2014
We call dey Malish
M posted on Jun 19, 2014
never heard of this in saint lucia
smh commented on Jun 14, 2014
It said that's what they call it in saint lucia not haiti. Although I've never heard them call it that in saint lucia
smh commented on Jun 14, 2014
we say centipede in saint lucia
smh posted on Jun 14, 2014
five finger
We don't call that five finger in saint lucia we call it star fruit
Karl posted on Jun 14, 2014
bloodclaat (blood cloth) refers to a woman's menstrual period and the device used to soak up that blood such as a tampon. Been used...
John commented on Jun 12, 2014
Does anyone know if this could be related to the garcina cambogia family?
Patsy posted on Jun 12, 2014
marcus garvey
Probably killing each other like most of Africa is today.
gin posted on Jun 11, 2014
ackee and saltfish
i'm so homesick right now. what's missing from this dish? aaah, boiled green bananas, a piece of hello yam and 2 boiled dumplin'......
Luluh posted on Jun 10, 2014
paul bogle
Paul Bogle and Samuel Sharpe spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and educate salves then. Let us continue to spread the word of Jesus,...
Luluh replied on Jun 10, 2014
OMG!!! One of the best fruit you'll ever taste!! Yummy!! If you haven't had a Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple) before, put it on your...
Luluh said on Jun 10, 2014
capok tree
Is this the same as Kapok as in Kapok Hotel?
Anon posted on Jun 09, 2014
no it isn't. lappe is a rowland paca not a deer and the pic is of a lappe.
xj replied on Jun 08, 2014
I love the sour ones. I call it Tambran but for those who not familiar i just say tamarind.
key said on Jun 08, 2014
My friend brought me about 35 pounds of grosellas (caribbean goose berries) and my wife is making " dulce de grosellas". They are...
Manny Rodriguez commented on Jun 07, 2014
star fruit
In Guyana this is called "Five Finger", or as some would say "Five Finga."
Cloyette said on Jun 05, 2014
governer plum
it is ceries, also called governor cherry not plum.
Anon replied on Jun 04, 2014
I've always heard wet fowl used to describe someone in a bad mood.
Amber commented on Jun 04, 2014
star apple
That is Five Finger ... Not Star apple.
Timehri dread posted on May 30, 2014
In Barbados we say "Duppy" to mean a ghost or dead person
Ryan Ashby said on May 30, 2014