is zabocas African or Spanish i'm confused
jj commented on Apr 13, 2014
chenette in Trinidad
Susan Laura Salandy-Moolchan said on Apr 05, 2014
Extremely rich in flavor, gave me sensations of banana, mango and bubblegum all at the same time. The texture is kinda freakishly...
Robin (DaMan) Lenney posted on Apr 02, 2014
in my country it translates into being "black, fool and ugly". No offense intended.
mar posted on Apr 01, 2014
A mabouya is not a gecko. The lizards often found in houses, and on ceilings, are zandolit.
Barry replied on Mar 30, 2014
forty leg
Centipee or forty leg they are called here
Maureen said on Mar 29, 2014
it is spelt pois doux. it is a french word
sanjana said on Mar 28, 2014
I wish we would all decide to stop using that word. It reeks of degradation and racism.
Lennox Wyllie said on Mar 28, 2014
Shouldn't this be a noun, instead of a preposition?
dapur replied on Mar 25, 2014
In grenada it's Snow Ice
Snow Ice posted on Mar 24, 2014
fat pork
Very prevalent in Barbados.
Michelle said on Mar 21, 2014
You forgot Barbados!!! It's our main "ground provision". Roast breadfruit... is a tradition. I'm sitting in my living room looking...
Michelle said on Mar 21, 2014
alligator pear
this fruit is so gross!! I don't know how you people eat this!!!
ov said on Mar 20, 2014
This is called Kenepa in Curacao
Steph added on Mar 19, 2014
In Jamaica we call them "Duppy"
dede1012 added on Mar 18, 2014
She who feels it, knows it. Once you have been through something, you can empathize with others.
dede1012 posted on Mar 18, 2014
A fe mi ex-husband!
dede1012 said on Mar 18, 2014
ground provisions
I do not understand
sayyid smith posted on Mar 18, 2014
It's called Ducana. Thaw spelling is incorrect.
Jewjew Beed added on Mar 18, 2014
Nate replied on Mar 17, 2014
june plum
Golden plum in Belize.
Yvette Sanker Riverol added on Mar 16, 2014
cut cake
In Belize this is known as kotobrute
Yvette Sanker Riverol posted on Mar 16, 2014
Some research should be done into the populations and subspecies present in the different islands
ocalnii replied on Mar 09, 2014
this isn't true, 'nani' means grandmother on your mom's side, and so 'nana' would be grandfather on your mom's side.
guyanese&proud said on Mar 09, 2014
suck suck
I know it as suck-a-bag. Back in my school days I remember buying it at school. Think it was like 25c if not mistaken. @Monica...
trini4lyfe commented on Mar 08, 2014
Nah Favor, mongoose was brought in by colonials, manicou is native to Trinidad
trini4lyfe said on Mar 08, 2014
ants bird
So cute
Gemma said on Mar 07, 2014
so tru cuz mi lauf last nuf time and a d best dwl
natz commented on Mar 06, 2014
Nope. We dont use this. We normally use 'Weed Head'
Andrew said on Mar 04, 2014
not all Belizeans are Crofi. The term crofi means a person who is over interested in free items and often over extending their...
Andrew posted on Mar 04, 2014
In Grenada we call the leaves from this plant callaloo and the edible root dasheen
Cindy replied on Mar 02, 2014
Hard crunchy with green stuff inside that stings when u get it on you..All over St.Thomas.
Traci Lawson commented on Feb 26, 2014
governer plum
Yep not g plum rolling cherry aka ceries
Bush man posted on Feb 26, 2014
Do you guys really eat this
Bronson replied on Feb 21, 2014
we call it sour cherry in Trinidad and Tobago
Amirah commented on Feb 17, 2014
it a whip
sita replied on Feb 14, 2014
I love kenep !
ParkerSmith replied on Feb 14, 2014
nice and sweet when ripe
sugar apple commented on Feb 13, 2014
bun d weed up fuck d police man
Antonynio replied on Feb 12, 2014
This toad is known to have a glandular substance that can be fatal to dogs or cats who lick or bite the toad. The dog will foam at...
Louisa commented on Feb 11, 2014
thanks a lot for the definition it was important
angela added on Feb 11, 2014
saint julian
JIMBILIN a fruit about 2 inches long very sour grows on the trunk of the tree
South Asains (East Indians) always have a tree in...
Favor replied on Feb 11, 2014
coolie plum
a nuh susumba dat?
Chris commented on Feb 09, 2014
This is not correct. the term is "soucouyant".
Isabella Alleyne commented on Feb 05, 2014
wow pholouries r really good never thought they would be shellshocked
allysa said on Feb 03, 2014
eddoe leaf
Also called Calaloo
J Brown replied on Feb 02, 2014
I've also heard this to describe the feeling of being very full after a large meal.
Lee added on Jan 28, 2014
Isn't the bobo rastas the ones who always keep their hair covered?
Lee said on Jan 28, 2014
jack spania
Marabunta (or Maribo) is not a synonym for a Jep, it's an entirely different insect. If you see a Maribo and swing at it, friends...
Nick commented on Jan 27, 2014
cool sick
rascal smith commented on Jan 27, 2014