is it not bax as in " i wa bax yu rass"
mark commented 5 hours ago
we call it chenette/chenet!
stanton said 15 hours ago
We call this fruit guinep in Jamaica.
Tarple commented yesterday
It's a common tradition in haiti especially from what I hear.
schwana man commented yesterday
I have tried it once ,my mother totally dissagrees but my grandfather loves it !!i dont mind having manicou
rocxan added on Oct 19, 2014
Mi luv breadfuit ripe and fry
gia added on Oct 18, 2014
Ground food
gia said on Oct 18, 2014
gia added on Oct 18, 2014
Bag juice
gia said on Oct 18, 2014
We say matta
jeanell added on Oct 18, 2014
ti carole
In Jamaica we call it suck suck...
Jeanell posted on Oct 18, 2014
> I suspect this is a variant of the word 'stalwart'

this is the most credible interpretation I've found of this...
mahself said on Oct 14, 2014
you cant
Vybz commented on Oct 08, 2014
stinkin toe
nahh matee stinkyy
connor collerannn replied on Oct 06, 2014
nice I love des very good very nice I like it
jamie hayter commented on Oct 06, 2014
hog apple
sweet dunham
joel said on Oct 06, 2014
wood slave
I like that wood slaves (gecko) can walk on glass.
Joshua posted on Oct 04, 2014
When I was a child my parents taught me to use the word Stinkie or stool to describe feces. Now I am a grandmother I have taught the...
Katie Adderley replied on Oct 02, 2014
De word iz fass
Oslyn added on Oct 01, 2014
I totally agree. We already have stinking toe. That green fruit is what I know and ate as a locust in Jamaica...apparently now they...
ackeegrl said on Oct 01, 2014
i see it yesterday nothing not sweet like it nah :,))))
Alana posted on Sep 27, 2014
forty leg
Forty leg and centipedes are two different creatures.
Ray Ash commented on Sep 26, 2014
what is the go to buy car
Robert Scott added on Sep 24, 2014
called Sapodilla in Guyana. makes a great pie, much like apple pie, but less spices necessary
Skip replied on Sep 23, 2014
now this is the Star Apple.
Skip said on Sep 23, 2014
In Guyana it's a Laba
Skip said on Sep 23, 2014
star apple
Five finger or Star Fruit... not apple
Skip said on Sep 23, 2014
Pound of sugar in Trinidad.
Andy Inniss said on Sep 23, 2014
Yachting in Guyana
Andy said on Sep 23, 2014
Bodie in Trinidad. Yard long beans is asia.
Andy added on Sep 23, 2014
Barbados.. its called "eggplant". In Africa (French area) Aubergine
Andy posted on Sep 23, 2014
In Barbados it is called a guttaperk. I am told that the name came from a German brand of inner tubing of a tyre named Gutta Percha...
Andy replied on Sep 23, 2014
johnny cake
The origin name is :"journey cake" and I believe that bajans would have truncated the sound to say Johnny cake. Some say a float...
Andy added on Sep 23, 2014
Called in Barbados a "Po" I think they mean a "pot" but probably mistook the French pronunciation.
Also the classy expression...
Andy added on Sep 23, 2014
of Asian descent, particularly in South Africa.
David DB added on Sep 22, 2014
suck suck
In Barbados called a "suck-a-bubbie"
Monique replied on Sep 22, 2014
Helen replied on Sep 21, 2014
Lived in St Lucia in 1970's and loved them. We called them guineps.
Georgina McArthur added on Sep 21, 2014
ITs pronounce downs.
jason posted on Sep 19, 2014
Niki is and america trash that does not represent the TNT people
jason replied on Sep 19, 2014
I really miss this, you have to buy the whole jack fruit to get he seed here in california and its almost impossible to find...
jason replied on Sep 19, 2014
Tavon Moulton Grade 2w
Tavon replied on Sep 17, 2014
Dthose grow by the seed?
Jeff replied on Sep 15, 2014
Great fruit unique taste u don't see it any more pronounce padu
wayn,e said on Sep 15, 2014
Real butu... Recently heard about 'Google it'. Black, cruffy head weh need weave. Basically most black gyal/buay living in Belize...
melvin added on Sep 09, 2014
This very incorrect. A ring play is basically a ring game for adults. An example of such would be 'Sen Mi Nicki'. They're generally...
Exydus Zepreasha added on Sep 08, 2014
Abi said on Sep 08, 2014
de carefull because one kill my uncle
zhoujy added on Sep 07, 2014
How we spell kanackie or connackie correctly in belize
marie posted on Sep 07, 2014
blood puddin
en guadeloupe: boudin
ansoni08 commented on Sep 04, 2014