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white liver 1
whe di coolie girl dem?
joe grine - Yesterday
oil nut
oil nut 2
Sentences don't need verbs. "Yes." and "No" are complete sentences with no verbs. They don't even have nouns. And, if you're feeling...
englishman - Yesterday
mispel 4
Heard it refered as Jack Nicklaus favorite fruit. Manilara zapota ( sapodilla). The plant sap was chewed and made into " laglee " to...
dhani - Yesterday
star apple
star apple 8
The one that actually looks like a star in Guyana it is called Five Finger and the round one is called a Star Apple in Guyana.
Sarah - Yesterday
fi stone dog 1
Wi ave mango fi stone dog.
wulf - Yesterday
abeng 5
junny - Yesterday
ackee 42
Den how unnu mek ackee and saltfish?
gerty - Aug 23, 2015
cerasee 5
Cerasee, senna, bitters, and sinkle bible are some of the most insidious bits of wickedness inflicted on children by parents and...
marleen - Aug 22, 2015
kenep 18
Omg I miss those😂
nini - Aug 21, 2015
laja bless 1
We call it that in Trinidad and Tobago too
abranche - Aug 20, 2015
dungs 7
That's what I grew up hearing it being called. Not sure of the spelling
pomme serret - Aug 20, 2015
jumbee bead
jumbee bead 3
Probably castor oil seeds. They also contain ricin.
Samael Sharpe - Aug 18, 2015
apple 8
Love to make chow with it .......yummy!
Helen - Aug 18, 2015
talawah 4
The actual meaning on the island of JA has long been "rough, tough," etc., never sexy. However, a compliment on the island may be...
DG - Aug 15, 2015
vincy 1
hi my name is ken is
kenisha - Aug 13, 2015
pommecythere 4
its called golden apple people
latoya - Aug 12, 2015
sweat rice
sweat rice 8
no comment
candytt - Aug 11, 2015
soursop fish
soursop fish 1
Say something. Keep it civil.I love it
Tanya - Aug 09, 2015
pomerac 14
Cashew is the fruit with the seed on the out side, pomerac,/ malaka, is red and the seed is inside the fruit
wayne Murray - Aug 08, 2015
zangee 1
Synbranchus marmoratus is the proper name for zangee. It's actual a fish although it is called a swamped-eel by many.
shawn - Aug 07, 2015
jocking 1
It is originally "Jerking" but West indians pronounce "Jerk" as Jauk or jawk... and therefore the word "Jocking" which is actually...
Paul - Aug 07, 2015
areba 3
Bam bam!
Eva - Aug 05, 2015
malaba 5
Plumrose, man!
Eva - Aug 05, 2015
locust 4
Spanish Ash in St.V. I knew of only 1 tree on the island and my neighbor had it. Basically a wild fruit that we ate and wondered if...
Eva - Aug 05, 2015
cerise 11
We called this Dounce in St.V. Great when they are sweet, blah when they are not!
Eva - Aug 05, 2015
chellomello 3
Damsel in my little island. Found a jar of pickled ones from Thailand (pickled Gooseberry) in Chinese market in NY. A little bland!...
Eva - Aug 05, 2015
mocco 4
Also called Mafobay in Africa....Its also pronounced as Moko not Mocco in most parts of Trinidad!
Links - Aug 05, 2015
wajang 3
Thought a wajang was a wok?
alyson - Aug 05, 2015
combolo 2
David KQarloz - Aug 04, 2015
banga tree
banga tree 1
Is this the gru-gru?
Trinigal - Aug 03, 2015