bukta...men's underwear
guyana added 11 hours ago
I grew up with a tree in my yard. We called it rolling cherry because that's what we did - roll it between our palms to soften it up,...
Lucina Prime commented yesterday
When I was small we had a tree in our back yard. It is also called cornichon and is a tasty addition to pepper sauce. Its natural...
Lucina Prime commented yesterday
believe me its portugal. everything on the net is not correct
carri replied on Aug 18, 2014
golden apple
In Trinidad it is not know as golden apple. It is called pommecythere.
Carla added on Aug 18, 2014
Kenep in Haiti, my great aunt had the biggest tree like it covered most of her property and I would get sick every summer eating this...
G commented on Aug 14, 2014
ice pop in Dominica
nick posted on Aug 12, 2014
We also call it sapadilla in Antigua. Growing up, we used to have several sapadilla trees on my father's plantation at Body Pond....
Bridget Charles said on Aug 11, 2014
manicou is possum
la brea added on Aug 11, 2014
Has anyone ever made and ate sorrel jam. It is just as delicious as the drink or maybe more lol. I use the fresh picked sorrel, boil...
Cathy added on Aug 07, 2014
fruta bomba
I tried making jam with this fruit but it ended up like syrup for pancakes....it still tasted good though
Cathy posted on Aug 07, 2014
I never knew that...... Thanks for sharing :)
Cathy added on Aug 07, 2014
We call it tambran too....I prefer the sweet one It goes down easier
Cathy replied on Aug 07, 2014
We call it blugger plantain( excuse the spelling). It's great fried. My brother eats it raw but I don't recommend that.
Cathy said on Aug 07, 2014
It also makes an amazing drink when boiled....and the stew is delicious. I'm experimenting and looking for other recipes with this fruit
Cathy replied on Aug 07, 2014
To the first person who replied "this is stupid", please enlighten me on how this is frivolous or trivial in any way. Isn't this...
Jermaine posted on Aug 04, 2014
gold eye
Spotted this for the first time in my area. Robert Estates near Nobert, Grande Riviere
B Sarv said on Aug 03, 2014
LOL ! We call it pommecythere in Trinidad :).
avijedi commented on Aug 01, 2014
In Trinidad its called Sour Cherries :) We add salt ,pepper,garlic and preserve it. *Mouth watering ..lol
avijedi said on Aug 01, 2014
suck rock
In st Vincent and the grenadines we call them long back.
labell added on Jul 31, 2014
This is called goose berries in Guyana. Use for making jams and is also preserved and pickled.
Letel Prek said on Jul 30, 2014
This is called sugar apple in Guyana.
Letel Prek said on Jul 30, 2014
mammee apple
Yes, we also call this fruit mammee. Could not remember if the name include "apple". It is said that one should not consume any...
Letel Prek posted on Jul 30, 2014
We call this star apple. If cut in a circular form the shape of a star is prevalent.
Letel Prek posted on Jul 30, 2014
Shatine and Cowa are not the same. Related but not the same. People usually let the cowa ripe to eat as fruit. Shatine is used green...
jenny said on Jul 28, 2014
I love this word lol.
Joanne said on Jul 27, 2014
This is wrong! Unacceptable. #swag
Samantha commented on Jul 24, 2014
This is the most delicious fruit I have ever eaten. If you can find it please try.
Marlene commented on Jul 19, 2014
And to think, I almost tattooed the word "Cooli" on my left arm. It' truly a blessing to over stand all perceptions. So powerful it...
JAB commented on Jul 19, 2014
A wasp with a wicked sting.
Jack Spanya said on Jul 14, 2014
stamp and go
sm said on Jul 08, 2014
This is called ackee in St. Lucia
June posted on Jul 07, 2014
We call it painkiller as well. It is a garbage plant so sometimes referred to as the starvation fruit. Many call it 'Noni' due to its...
Debbie commented on Jul 06, 2014
stew dumpling
Also very familiarly called "conkie".
DMG replied on Jul 06, 2014
Zamy is not a Lesbian . . It is the acts performed by two lesbians.
Ming commented on Jul 06, 2014
Who calls this a zing in Trinidad . . ? . . This is a "Batimamselle"
Ming posted on Jul 06, 2014
Molasses not sugar . .
Ming said on Jul 06, 2014
Isn't this called "Chilibibi" in Trinidad. . ?
Ming commented on Jul 06, 2014
Dey cum forum a tahl tahl tree, right?
Hands posted on Jul 05, 2014
We call this genip in St. John. Ackee a whole udder ting.
Hands commented on Jul 05, 2014
June posted on Jul 05, 2014
Delicious street food snack when paired with Tamarind Chutney loaded with Chadon beni and scotch bonnet peppers for great flavor.
June replied on Jul 05, 2014
Spelled "Pomme Au Rac" in TT and elsewhere. Trees can grow to over 50 feet.
June posted on Jul 05, 2014
In Tobago, these are made into round treats and called benne balls.
June commented on Jul 05, 2014
Gru Gru Bef palms have some long, sturdy thorns or "pickers" that could do some serious damage. Under the outer shell like covering...
June posted on Jul 05, 2014
It's a contraction of an expression from the Middle Ages -- "God blind me". In other dialects (UK-based) it's "cor/gaw/gor (God)...
Lic commented on Jul 05, 2014
Excellent for flavouring cook-up or pelau
Mizi commented on Jul 03, 2014
Do you ppl read any other comments before posting?
Smh lol said on Jun 25, 2014
Possibly related the English verb: haggle - meaning to barter
Remy Free said on Jun 23, 2014
From the mis-hearing/pronounciation of the word apocalypse meaning complete destruction
Remy Free commented on Jun 23, 2014