The Caribbean Dictionary

The United States of America
An informal title used for greeting among male friends.
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A wine or dance involving simultaneous and coordinated movements of the hips, knees and head.
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Marijuana; Cannabis
A large head.
Crowded or filled to capacity.
Very thin; skinny; malnourished
Local name for Careilla. Especially used to lower and maintain Blood Pressure...and generally as a cleanser and lower blood sugar
Automatic transmission
Very thin; skinny; malnourished
moko jumbee
Stilt dancers in an African tradition carried over into carnival. Their costumes represent beings from the realm of the dead
peas and rice
A dish made from rice and peas or beans. Red kidney beans and gungo are commonly used. The dish is typically prepared with coconut...
A speed bump; A traffic calming feature of road design used to slow traffic, or reduce through traffic, via vertical deflection.


Going to
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To dance in a sexually explicit or suggestive manner