The Caribbean Dictionary

A form of brukdown traditionally done during the Christmas season. It is only celebrated in rural areas (backabush).
A sliding dance step performed while following a band during Carnival
A traditional dance form usually performed solo by Garifuna women.
Type of dance
Type of dance
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A wine or dance involving simultaneous and coordinated movements of the hips, knees and head.


A dance performed at weddings, feasts and wakes. It is traditionally performed by those of Yoruba descent
A sexually suggestive dance or wine where the participants make significant physical contact
A costumed dance, originating from a comical ridicule of slave masters.
A folk dance of British origin where the participants dance circles that weave strips of brightly coloured cloth around a tall pole
To dance in a sexually explicit or suggestive manner
A dance, particularly one that involves gyrations of the waist, hips and buttocks.
A traditional form of Garifuna Music. It has been infused with electronic instruments, along with turtle shells and drums. Most...
To dance slow and close with another person
A lively flirtatious dance practiced in the town of Wakefield, Trelawny in Jamaica.
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To dance in a sexually explicit or suggestive manner
A ritual obeah dance performed naked around a fireside.