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Pouteria caimito, a tropical tree, and its fruit originally from South America. It will grow an average of 33 feet (10 m) high, and can grow as high as 116 feet (35 m) under good conditions. Its fruit’s shape varies from round to oval with a point. When ripe, it has smooth bright yellow skin and will have one to four ovate seeds. The inside of the fruit is translucent and white. It has a creamy and jelly-like texture and its taste is similar to the sapodilla
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suhuso Jan 27, 2016
Is that Caimette?
Erwin Jan 19, 2017
I thought it might be what we call a bwe as it becomes quite chewy much like chewing gum
SJT May 22, 2017
Aka yellow star apple
SJT May 22, 2017
Annie Aug 12, 2017
Trini Dec 15, 2017
What part of Trinidad is this grown? I've never seen this fruit before in all my years living in Trinidad.
JB /T&T Feb 05, 2018
Know the word but wondering whether description is incorrect.
Dianne May 15, 2020
It's a Caimette. They come in purple and green color
Gale Aug 13, 2020
Dianne is correct!! It is purple inside. The fruit on display is not the Caimette I grew up with and loved. What has happened to the fruits of my childhood? Development is destroying our national agricultural treasures.
Dianne Aug 06, 2021
Oh God! Dis ting making meh hungry! LOL.
Bobby Sep 15, 2021
Yellow Star Apple
Supriya chaurasiya Dec 01, 2021
Conical vegetable :chilly ,radish,