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Going to
go, gwein, gwine, wa, wan
Brafick Nov 02, 2009
Peeps! I like your site very much so far. Anything that helps legitimize our language stutus even in our own peoples eyes is a great thing. I do have a query though I just viewed the word/S? ago and although it does sound like its one word, for me it really is not a = (as you so rightly stated) to go = go so for me if it wasn't writen as two word it should at least have a hyphen. What do you think? Are there any plans in the future to show the roots of some of the words we use? That would be so good.
Clifford Sep 29, 2019
Brafick - I agree, ago is just ago -as in a long time ago. It's not what I'd expect for the WI - I'm going to! Probably should be A-Go or ah-go as in ah-go tell mommy on yuh.