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Aloe vera. Valued for use in herbal medicine, as a purgative or washout, and for cosmetic and skin care purposes.
koolkoolie Feb 02, 2015
Recently recognised by the west, others in Trinidad would say this is for the poor, go and buy a cream in the Pharmacy and do not listen to what anyone sayind
widlegurl Sep 21, 2015
it is very helpful for kids
Trinimassive Oct 21, 2018
I'm from trinidad also but you koolkoolie sound to illiterate and dumb smh. No one would ever say that about this plant. What you getting at the pharmacy is chemical nothing natural, you should even be commenting.
Nicky May 26, 2019
That's how we pronounce it here as well.
Kabby Jun 01, 2019
Despite most people in Guyana knows this plant by the name "Aloe" or "Aloe vera", its still referred to as "bitt-alas" meaning (bitter aloes)
Ro Nov 27, 2019
Put the green juices from the sinkle bible pan yuh suck-fingah-jack pickney thumb an dem neva suck it again.
Miah Feb 01, 2020
Everyone in GT knows about Aloes. We use it in our face for acne, our hair, put it on yuh pikney fingah and we drink it too.
Mama Nov 25, 2020
Does anyone know what else can be used to make hand sanitize