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An edible round, ovoid, or cone shaped fruit around 6-10 cm in diameter, with a lumpy skin. The skin colour changes from bright green to a pale whitish-green as the fruit ripens. The sweet flesh is white or very pale yellow, and has a custard-like texture. Hard , shiny brownish black seeds are spread throughout the insides.
food, plant, fruit
sugar apple Feb 13, 2014
nice and sweet when ripe
Letel Prek Jul 30, 2014
This is called sugar apple in Guyana.
suhuso Oct 30, 2014
also called sugar apple in Trinidad
Blossom Dec 28, 2014
This is called a sugar apple as we'll in st.thomas
Megan Jan 25, 2015
In India and UK, we call it custard apple.
Ricardo Apr 04, 2015
I grew up knowing this fruit as kashima/sugar apple have a tree in my back yard mmmmm, yummy
ROHAN Oct 25, 2015
sugar apple got plenty of this sweet fruit
Crystal May 13, 2016
This is called sugar apple in Grenada.
Renee Jul 09, 2016
We call it sweet sop in Jamaica
Cachiman Aug 12, 2016
We all it Cachiman in Haiti. You can eat it like that or we usually take the seeds out use a strainer to get the juice and toss the pulp, add carnation milk, sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, ice and blend it into a nice juicy shake. Yummy!!! :)
French Guiana Jun 08, 2017
Cachiman here in French Guiana to
Bee0007 Jun 17, 2017
Sugar apple in Vincy. I love it very yummy
roger Sep 08, 2018
incredibly sweet sugar apple one of my favourites
Anon Sep 20, 2018
Bien dulces son muy deliciosos
Rose Sep 23, 2018
We calls it kashima or sugar apple in Dominica
Irma Sep 28, 2019
We call this sugar apple in Sint Maarten
Edward Oct 20, 2019
Sweet sop! (or sugar apple) .
Elsa Dec 08, 2019
En cuba le llamamos Anon. Tengo 2 matas en mi casa. Qué rico
DOM Jul 28, 2020
Sweet sop!!!
Vicky Feb 08, 2021
In the Philippines we call this ATIS. and it grows so fast. Delicious!
Ileana Apr 29, 2021
Anon, it’s sweet and very good taste
Alma May 13, 2021
I cannot get my seeds to grow a tree in SVG.