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hmmm Jul 21, 2011
yuh man pantyman
pinkessence Aug 18, 2011
batty hole for ever!
anonymous Oct 21, 2011
this picture is an insult to humanity.
anonymous Oct 21, 2011
my boyfriend (who is a very charming rastaman) thinks that this picture is oh so funny. guess what. i don't think so. he's homophobic and now i'm hungry so we will cook. nyam nyam! gyal unno betta caan cook, s GWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
king selassie Aug 30, 2012
punkass pussyass bitch nothing less 
Backyard Champion May 06, 2013
admin May 07, 2013
Backyard Champion, we try to keep the entries as Caribbean as possible - meaning we avoid standard English terms as much as is possible. It's a judgement call sometimes, but in this case I think most of the English speaking world uses 'soddomite' to refer to homosexuals - not just the Caribbean.
Okezie Sep 28, 2017
antiman mudda skunt Dec 01, 2017
This is offensive.
I didn’t know other Caribbean countries used it too I thought it was just Guyana
Omar Jul 10, 2018
badtoilet Oct 17, 2018
Backyard Champion - I thought that was also a word for gay man not the username of a person!
Ink Tress May 02, 2020
This is primative and the Cariddean is stuck in the 1940s this is why the Cariddean countries will not Develop. Homosexality is wrong but we should not treat them less than human because of that. Please find it in your heart to tolerate them as you want some one to do for you.