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A desert snack made by shelling dry corn, parching it in a hot pot and then pounding it in a wooden mortar and sifting it until it is similar to sand. Salt or sugar can then be added to the brown mixture and it can be eaten dry or with water.
grannybin Aug 19, 2009
sam sam tobago
Little Ochie Feb 02, 2016
Roasted corn, which was ground to a powder and sweetened with sugar. Care had to be taken when eaten since the powder could cause coughing!
rob Nov 02, 2016
or its chillibibi, now I know of this!
Ke Oct 16, 2017
Ashum ❤️
David Dec 30, 2018
There was a store on Temple street south of Redcliff street after school. I would go there if I had money and get my pack. $0.50