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Eggplant. A species of nightshade grown for its edible fruit.
food, plant, fruit
Belna Jan 16, 2016
Indians call it baigan,. the main name is Balanger / Bulanger, that most people know it by. just doing some basic cross reference Boulanger means bakery or baker. its big and like a loaf of bread.
Deiah Mar 16, 2016
since I am half American and Guyanese we eat this food that was cook by my mother in America . Balanjay with chicken and rice . it really good I enjoy a lot... I happy try these kind of food it really interesting our culture
Emmy Dec 21, 2016
Jewel Mar 04, 2019
I am a Guyanese we all eat and enjoy Bulanger, this food is a healthy meal, especially when it is cooked with beef and chicken. It is very popular in the Country.
Wrights Sep 26, 2019
it is spelt boulanger, I'm a Guyana and even i know that, smh
Mark Headley Oct 24, 2019
I buy this when it is season,i cut it up in slices and fry it with some tomatoes add a little pepper and salt,and then eaten together with a portion of Basmanti rice.
Sue Feb 01, 2020
De spellings dem killing me 😂😂😂😂 boulanger, balanjay, bulanger, eggplant
Lohngdawg Nov 23, 2020
Sooo!?! It doesn't matter how u spell it. It does all go down the saaaame waaay!
Renée Jan 05, 2021
Older bajans call it volangere. Where did that name come from?... an alternative to balanjay perhaps? Really interesting.
Travis Aug 01, 2021
I like balanjay with curry beef and roti. It's delicious 😋
San Aug 12, 2022
I concur - Grenadians know this vegetable as balanjay. It's just part of our colourful expression of Self to put our own spin on any and everything we choose- no apologies necessary 🤷🏾‍♀️