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Eggplant. A species of nightshade grown for its edible fruit.
food, plant, fruit
Belna Jan 16, 2016
Indians call it baigan,. the main name is Balanger / Bulanger, that most people know it by. just doing some basic cross reference Boulanger means bakery or baker. its big and like a loaf of bread.
Deiah Mar 16, 2016
since I am half American and Guyanese we eat this food that was cook by my mother in America . Balanjay with chicken and rice . it really good I enjoy a lot... I happy try these kind of food it really interesting our culture
Emmy Dec 21, 2016
Jewel Mar 04, 2019
I am a Guyanese we all eat and enjoy Bulanger, this food is a healthy meal, especially when it is cooked with beef and chicken. It is very popular in the Country.
Wrights Sep 26, 2019
it is spelt boulanger, I'm a Guyana and even i know that, smh
Mark Headley Oct 24, 2019
I buy this when it is season,i cut it up in slices and fry it with some tomatoes add a little pepper and salt,and then eaten together with a portion of Basmanti rice.
Sue Feb 01, 2020
De spellings dem killing me 😂😂😂😂 boulanger, balanjay, bulanger, eggplant