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ball pate
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The White Crowned Pigeon. A large black dove with a white head. It is hunted and valued as food.
white head
animal, bird
ball pateball pate
Johnny May 28, 2014
These are so cool
Barb Jun 04, 2015
A pair comes to the palm tree just next to my balcony ever night around sunset to feed on the berries that grown there. Don't see them any other time.
Nigel Feb 06, 2018
Growing up in Jamaica, I remember these birds feeding and nesting near populated areas, because these areas had full growth of the tallest trees, for them to nest and feed in. As human activities (coal burning, mining, etc.) depleted these trees, they tend to feed wherever they find food (fruits and berries), and nest in old growths of bamboo trees, away from people.
Nigel Feb 06, 2018
These doves usually do poorly in captivity and are probably not mean to be kept as pets. I know a few people who had the resources, and were able to even get them to bread in captivity by recreating a semblance of their natural surrounding. In the wild they evade nest hunters by making nests that look abandoned, and their young do no squeak anywhere as loud as domestic pigeon squeakers. Amazing!
Duppy Dec 08, 2019
I have never seen or heard one
kenny Apr 12, 2020
I saw one flying around in the kingston 19 area- it appeared very big so I'm surprised it's just a pigeon
Javiera Apr 14, 2020
See a pair of these hanging around my apartment complex in the afternoons
Carlene May 31, 2020
I saw one in my backyard at sunset eating from a Gully Bean tree in Highgate,St. Mary. A very beautiful bird.
Iris Mar 04, 2021
I think I’ve just seen one here, in my yard , on Grand Cayman. Is this possible?