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barble dove
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The ring necked dove.
animal, bird
barble dovebarble dove
patrick mahoney Nov 19, 2015
i have a pair of barblle dove they keep mating but not laying what is the reason
Awb May 12, 2016
Maybe there are two of the same sex
Jah Feb 14, 2017
Dwl!!!! Mi cyan bada!
Mikalia Banton Jul 23, 2017
How mmany day week month year does a barble dove take to hatch
Wulfson Jul 23, 2017
It takes 13-15 to 19 days for barble dove eggs to hatch.
Kay May 15, 2018
I have 3barble doves 2male one female, we'll it was 4 but one fly away they mate coo but no egg's I even built a bigger cage it's been 8mths still ntn y is this
sanjay Apr 12, 2019
too much noise so they stressed out. try letting them go, they will be less stressed out!
sanjay Apr 12, 2019
or the buddy no good!lol
Reece Cupz Nov 01, 2020
I see these birds in the US. How can tell male and female. Do they coo When mating
Bobby Aug 23, 2021
The female is easily distinguishable by her slender build with a graceful head set on a slender neck. By contrast, the male is broader in the chest with a thick neck and a more pronounced nostril cere on his beak. His head has a more rounded profile from the side where the female's is slightly flattened.
Keyon May 16, 2022
U have to ave a very dark place in the coope r the won't lay at all
Carlene Dec 01, 2022
I Just want to fine out if it's the male always.Coo or the female Coo too
Andre Jan 11, 2023
Only the male coo coo...these birds simple but detail if there uncomfortable them not going to law them love peace an quite...if your yard noisy them not going to law
Carlene Feb 13, 2023
My Bird is on her eggs and i saw her coo coo i though it was only the male coo i can identified this female cause she is a white.dove