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bird pepper
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Even though it is small, it contains a fiery punch. They range in color from red to green when fully mature.
bud peppa
food, plant
bird pepper
Jenny May 28, 2016
Cayenne pepper is another name for bird pepper
Philly Jan 29, 2017
This is said in The Bahamas as well
Lee Lovelette Jan 16, 2019
This is called bird pepper in Jamaica.
da boss Jan 18, 2019
someone should add 'haal up' meaning come over here
Fat Pussy Feb 01, 2020
Bird peppa
canusatrini Sep 23, 2020
Had a Bird Pepper plant when I lived in New York City in the early sixties, don't remember where, how I got the plants. Have lived in Toronto, Canada for past 44 years and have searched without success. Live in Scarborough, always check the Caribbean food stores like Charlie's on Morningside but they don't seem to ever carry Bird Peppers which I would like to grow indoors with access to light.