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blim blim
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The fruit and tree of Averrhoa bilimbi. A relative of the carambola or star fruit, the tree produces an edible, green, five pomed, cucumber like fruit.
food, fruit, plant
blim blimblim blim
jennile Apr 26, 2014
thanks for the correct name, we jamaican Indians call it Kamranga
ROHAN Oct 25, 2015
its called condicia
Dameain Mar 15, 2016
What's the flavor profile?
Roy Apr 11, 2016
Taste - sour. Usually pickled / made into achar or eaten with salt
geiner Aug 04, 2016
Givinco May 11, 2017
Vueense May 12, 2017
I think you mean mimbro fruta
Taj Nov 06, 2017
I don't know how it tastes, how it smell or how it looks 😨😨😡😖
Tracy Nov 20, 2017
We call it in Westmoreland gimblelin
Kabby Jun 01, 2019
In Guyana this fruit is typically known as "Sowery"
Janet Oct 30, 2019
We called this fruit blim blim.
Janet Oct 30, 2019
We called this fruit blim blim in Ocho. Rios
Sue Feb 01, 2020
Exactly we call it "sowery" 😂😂😂 them ah try confuse ppl with blim blim rass 😂😂😂
Carmen Oct 05, 2020
It's called blim blim in Ocho Rios
Sharon Jan 27, 2021
I know it as Gimbilin
Irie Mar 26, 2021
Indians in Jamaica curry it. Eat it with salt and pepper we call it karamanga. So delicious 😋
Dorothy Oct 08, 2021
I'm from St. Mary and there, non-Indians call/called it Coolie Jimbelin to differentiate it from another fruit, Jimbelin which was round and flat. As children we used to eat it BUT it is sour. My mom was Indian and she used to pickle it with hot chillis and curry, like a mango chutney. DELICIOUS with dahl!
Dorothy Oct 08, 2021
Forgot to say we called it CAMRANGA!