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blue gaulin
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The Little Blue Heron is a small heron. It breeds from the Gulf states of the USA through Central America and the Caribbean south to Peru and Uruguay. It is a medium-large, long-legged, heron with a long pointed blue or greyish bill with a black tip.
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blue gaulin
Roxene Miller Nov 10, 2015
I have never seen that bird until today right outside my home, it was so strange and unique n I thought it was lost from the zoo or smt! I came upon this blog and found it and am surprised cause I didn't think it was common. I even took pictures.
Nancy Nadel Aug 18, 2018
Saw one this morning on the north coast of Jamaica where they are quite common.
Alan Modral May 24, 2019
Just photographed one in Antigua
Mary Sloper May 29, 2019
Seen on country road in outside Rockhall, St Andrew. In rain. I see them occasionally.
Celia Ebanks Jul 14, 2020
Just saw one in a garden in St. Andrew.
Tammy Jul 23, 2020
Just saw one in my yard. St. Andrew
Sandy Nov 29, 2020
Just saw one in my garden in St. Andrew
Laine Dec 30, 2020
I saw one in my back yard over the weekend. At first I thought it was a regular white heron in shadow until I realized it was actually blue and kinds ash grey. I live outside of Spanish Town, St. Catherine
Nats Jan 12, 2021
I live in Montego Bay and heard a loud squawking. Such an odd sound I had to get up and take a look. There one was perched on my hedge. Never seen one before
Niesha Nov 19, 2021
I've never seen one before until today @ my mom restaurant Cheers Dining Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth
Philip Jones Jan 12, 2022
Saw one on the beach at Runaway Bay, beautiful elegant graceful shy bird