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A miniature man, roughly 2 feet tall, brought into being on Good Friday to do the evil bidding of his summoner. According to legend, the man must be constantly supplied with raw meat or he may turn on the summoner.
kobie jackson May 09, 2017
it is a unborn evil baby that was aborted
Mikey mouse Feb 11, 2020
It is a jumbie
PoppyBaby May 30, 2020
i remember reading Ti-Jean and his brothers and we refered to the fiende as a "bolom" meaning the spirit of an unborn or aborted child
Mayaro born and bred Mar 02, 2021
In Ti-Jean and his bothers, the Bolom is the troubled spirit of an unborn child or aborted fetus. Since this play is an allegory, the Bolom represents the generations of black West Indians who were born into slavery. They were oppressed by the colonial planters and were therefore denied the rights, privileges and opportunities of free men. They were denied the opportunity to have a real life