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caan sham
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A desert snack made by shelling dry corn, parching it in a hot pot and then pounding it in a wooden mortar and sifting it until it is similar to sand. Salt or sugar can then be added to the brown mixture and it can be eaten dry or with water.
caan sham
Ros Feb 13, 2012
Funny...I used to think this was spelled "kasham"... but now I see the "corn" or "caan" link!
Bri Dec 31, 2018
very similar to puerto rican or dominican gofio candy yum
Kay Jan 21, 2022
one of my favorite treats as a kid
Dino Nazamodeen Jan 23, 2022
"Mith-Thie". Made with dough which is then rolled out, cut into pieces, like French Fries, Crisped in hot oil and dunked into Syrup, made with a mixture sugar and various seasonings. Every Sunday something to look forward to.