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The tree and fruit of Phyllanthus acidus. The intermediate sized tree produces small, flattened, multi-lobed, berries with a high acid content. The tart yellow berries are edible raw, but most often stewed with sugar, ginger and other spices.
food, fruit, plant
Ken Jan 17, 2015
Yes, we call this Gooseberry in Guyana.
KB May 31, 2015
I know it as sour cherries and Series or Cerise. Has a sour tart taste but makes good chow and preserves.
Eva Aug 05, 2015
Damsel in my little island. Found a jar of pickled ones from Thailand (pickled Gooseberry) in Chinese market in NY. A little bland! Loved them fresh off the tree as a child! Sour!
ansha Apr 16, 2016
We call it gooseberry in st Lucia. Makes an amazing juice or spred
soca758 Aug 16, 2016
who do you treat the black moth infestation that eats the leaves
strawberry Sep 06, 2016
its good and pretty good
roger Sep 08, 2018
yup we call it gooseberry as well and its sour as can be. Best enjoyed with black pepper and salt
Desireeé Nov 08, 2018
These are called “Grosellas” in the Dominican Republic. So yummy!
Rubiano Dec 09, 2018
We call these "zuurtjes" meaning "sours"
Gouyave Jul 27, 2020
Its called Damsel in Grenada
Vicky Feb 08, 2021
Calimunding, another variety of Camias
stacia Jul 30, 2021
we called it sapra in Belize
Bobby Oct 05, 2021
The fruit is whitish green changing in color to yellow when fully mature. Mature fruits are usually sour and tart due to its high acidity. The fruit is usually consumed with salt but can be eaten fresh.