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counter flour
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All purpose flour. Flour used for cooking, but not baking.
Lawrence Mar 14, 2016
I'm from Jamaica, and I've never heard the terminology 'counter flour' Is this the one you buy loose over the counter and if you're going to use it to bake you sift it a couple of times?
kemz Mar 16, 2016
Yes. You have to sift it many times and sometimes also warm it in the oven to lighten it. Otherwise your cakes will be heavy like pudding.
Sharon Jun 16, 2016
I'm in England. So is this Plain (no raising agent). Used to make boil dumplings) or Self Raising flour ( used to make fried dumpling) with raising agent)
Britney Jul 14, 2016
Baking flour and counter flour are the go to flours here.
Elizabeth Aug 24, 2016
In Grenada I have found counter flour and regular or baking flour. Which do I use to bake bread?
Nichole Oct 03, 2018
Don't use counter flour.
Ron Jun 03, 2019
Counter flour is the right flour for real hard dough bread
shaun Dec 27, 2019
I’m trying to make oil roti (Guyanese style) here in Jamaica using counter flour. it’s hard - is it the flour? I usually use all purpose flour. Is it not the same?
Kristi Mar 25, 2020
Counter flour is not the same as All Purpose flour; its the same as Bread Flour- therefore heavier and contains more gluten.
Vickie Mar 29, 2020
My daughter needs a substitute for counter flour. Any ideas please
Patricia Apr 02, 2021
One pound of counter flour is equivalent to how many cups of all purpose flour?