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Idiot or simpleton; A stupid person
An individual whose partner commits infidelity and does not hide the signs. The individual, however, does not leave the relationship but instead tries to please their partner, who in turn ridicules him/her.
A man who has become foolish because of excessive love for a woman.
swaziwali Jun 11, 2008
A cunumunu is no ordinary idiot, simpleton, or stupid person, but an individual who is getting "butt","horned", and is aware of it, because his or her partner does not  conceal obvious signs of infidelity. The cunumunu does not react like most and break with the partner, but takes increasing amounts of ridicule from the mate, often going out of the way to please that person, and seems powerless to extract him/herself from the relationship.
jumbee Jun 12, 2008
Interesting defintion, I haven't heard it used that way before. What countries uses it in that context?
swaziwali Jun 13, 2008
The meanings of words seem to evolve and change with the passage of time, but this was the accepted definition in Trinidad up to the late 1960's. The Mighty Sparrow sang about a cunumunu in, I think the name of the song was 'Take yuh bundle and leave and go', early 60's.
heretic Jun 15, 2008
Meanings do change, so both can be correct at the same time.
JSS1 Jun 23, 2016
Isn't it cunnamunu?
Bobzyoy Aug 19, 2016
"A man who has become foolish because of excessive love for a woman" (bazodee)
Eloi Aug 28, 2016
Crazy in love
Chaz Oct 09, 2016
I see you
Stephanie Jul 26, 2018
we use it a lot in the St.Thomas V.I however, we used it to reference a stupid person, an ediot, someone who's not using good sense.
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
Cunumunu means yuh stupid/pagali/idiot in Guyana
Tricia Jul 06, 2021
A straight up idiot. Fool fool
Kesha Nov 23, 2021
Eediat. Allow people to use them and treat them as fools.
🇻🇮 Daphne Apr 28, 2022
Someone who not just stupid, but beyond naive within their stupidity.