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Machete. A large flat bladed knife used for agricultural and utilitarian purposes. It is often the weapon of choice for violent encounters.
Flare Nicole Dec 30, 2015
I want one!!!!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Kay Feb 19, 2016
It's called a cutlass in Antigua too.
Rob May 28, 2016
We does call it cutlass to in a st vincent
KVC Jun 24, 2016
We call it cutlass in The Bahamas too
Alistair Aug 01, 2016
Large: Cutless Medium: Collins Small: Machette
Melissa Aug 17, 2016
We call this Manchette in Haiti
Am-able Araba Addae Jun 30, 2017
i want more words
Sophronius Nov 27, 2017
Machete is the name for a cutlass in Spanish
Allester Feb 25, 2019
Definitely a cutlass in Trinidad and Tobago.... we even went as far as to call it a "3 seam" or "3 line"
Ally Jan 16, 2021
We trini does call it cutlass better known as 3 lineπŸ˜‚
Trinidad Mar 17, 2021
I have never seen a trini home without ah cutlass
Prakash Feb 26, 2022
That is what you claim land with. Its also call ah pooyah
Graham May 09, 2022
We call in Punia in Tobago
Graham May 09, 2022
We call it Punia in Tobago
Fruity Aug 03, 2022
In St lucia it is cutlass or koutla