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The tree and fruit of Phyllanthus acidus. The intermediate sized tree produces small, flattened, multi-lobed, berries with a high acid content. The tart yellow berries are edible raw, but most often stewed with sugar, ginger and other spices.
food, fruit, plant
Letel Prek Jul 30, 2014
This is called goose berries in Guyana. Use for making jams and is also preserved and pickled.
Zenaida Cora-Bowers Aug 15, 2019
These are also called goose berries in the USVI. You can eat them raw but they're very bitter/tart that way. Most of the time they are boiled in water and sugar to make gooseberry stew. When you boil them, they turn red and get very tender; the sugar helps to make them more edible. Our neighbor had a tree in her yard and she would make gooseberry stew and share it with us.
Bejue Dec 24, 2020
This is referred to as Sour Cherry in Trinidad and Tobago. Not many eat it because it's sour. Most people make preservatives with it here.
CoeurC Nov 11, 2022
We call them in Martinique "Surette", or "Sirèt". We make Jam with because it's too sour to eat naturally "Surette cochon".