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devil bead
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The seeds and plant of the climbing legume Abrus precatorius. It is primarily known for its brightly coloured seeds which are used in jewelry, art and craft, and as filling for percussion instruments and shakers. Most seeds are bright red with a black eye. However, they also occur in full red, full black, green, and white.
johncrow bead
devil beaddevil bead
Gillian Belfon Mar 30, 2015
Being a natural and botanical jeweler these seeds are very adorable and attractive.However if eaten they are poisonous.
T. Johnson Jan 11, 2016
Called 'jumbie beads' in Saba. Indeed, very poisonous. The plant is known as 'jumbie bead bush'.
Benreal Aug 24, 2016
How poisonous?
merana james Mar 17, 2017
this is growing wild in my back yard very difficult to destroy, the seeds are indeed very pretty. I have collected a few and often wonder what could be done with them like some kind of craft, etc. can someone send me some tips, now that I am retired I could start a new hobby.
tdh Oct 17, 2018
jumbie bead or lady bug
G Apr 30, 2022
Donkey eye ...we call small one crab eye