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di de
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To be there. (is there, are there, etc)
de de
LoveTheVoiceWithin Feb 24, 2011
cool so that's how you spell it :) di de....boy: ma any money di demom: no, go find a job!!lol
clbgssvg May 31, 2011
di de...?I always thought it was "day"As in "day day day." (They are there.)or "way day day?" or "wha day day?" (What is there?
jahmekann Jun 12, 2011
thought di de was spelt di deh
khali Jul 07, 2011
i thought it was di deh as well. 
Yaadie Apr 11, 2012
Since there's no official spelling it's usually spelled di de, de de, de deh...take your pick. But definately not day day day.  They are there is dem de de or dehn di deh etc.
Bobzy Sep 29, 2016
him still deh deh (he's still in the same place)
Bobzy Sep 10, 2017
"did deh deh" "I was there"