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Person of mixed African and East Indian ancestry
coolie, royal
Trinbaby 20009 Jun 20, 2013
that is a cunt..
CJL Nov 30, 2013
Ooops! I'm a dougla! Real deal...Jahajibi
jason Sep 19, 2014
Niki is and america trash that does not represent the TNT people
StephanieC Nov 10, 2014
Chose a picture of a Caribbean person showing the look of a dougla so you can see the mixture is better than having a picture of nicki in a blonde opinion tho dunno if anyone feel d same ..#proudtobedougla ;)
GT DOpe DEAl@ mtl Feb 21, 2015
Nikkki say she wannn guyanaes man Anadaconda......
Sam139love Oct 01, 2015
Nell Nov 08, 2015
Ya'll know dougla is a derogatory term righ???? this is for all the proud to be dougla peeps.
Bobzyoy Oct 04, 2016
@StephanieC I concur
Remi Oct 23, 2016
Nicki Minaj is dougla!
Wulfson Nov 02, 2016
Nicki complexion is more black and her features are more East Indian
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
Well nicki and plastic surgery so..
Monkish Jul 16, 2018
Nell It’s a word for Indians of mixed caste! And collie is a derogatory term too!
Krysy May 16, 2019
Even if Nikki is Trini she is giving the world the wrong impression about the TNT people #ProudtobeDougla
Schuy Apr 06, 2021
Way de ass
G Apr 30, 2022
Here it is one with Indian hair sometimes called coolie...good hair people..just learnt it ofensive to trini and some others