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The fruit of the Flacourtia indica which is a species of flowering plant native to much of Africa and tropical and temperate parts of Asia. The fruit itself is a pome about an inch thick and red ripening purple. It is very fleshy and has 6 to 10 seeds in layered carpels. The pulp is yellow or white and sweet with an acidic tang. It is eaten raw or made in to jelly or jam. It can be fermented to make wine.
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Joseph millington Jan 19, 2017
is there another dounce fruit ( like that in Barbados?
Joseph millington Jan 19, 2017
it has one seed
Akima Demetro Jan 29, 2017
thanks alot
Thanks Apr 04, 2018
Thanks wts the health benefits
KEVWEL Jul 25, 2020
The name is the same but the fruit is different. The bajan dounce has just one seed. The fruit pictured here is not the same thing though.
G Apr 30, 2022
Governer plum
Natty May 10, 2022
This is rolling cherry it has multiple seed dounce has one