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duppy soursop
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Morinda citrifolia otherwise known as 'Noni'. Foul smelling and bitter tasting fruit that commonly grows on small trees close to the sea. The fruit is initially green, but turns white or pale yellow upon ripening.
plant, fruit
duppy soursopduppy soursop
Mart Dec 04, 2013
Irie Jul 10, 2015
I had noni once as juice. First taste was shock.. It smell so bad like goat cheese. Then I just drank it because it's healthy.
Taryn Sep 04, 2015
My neighbor told me to use Noni leaves for salad greens and that they were very good for you . I tried it but they have no flavor at all.
Ewan Apr 07, 2016
Hog fruit, Noni, call it what you may, brilliant healthy drink for cleaning the body of impurities. Who said taste matters. awful but it works
jada May 28, 2016
Noni leaves are also good for headaches and fever and other types of sicknesses and symptoms
Lennox Jun 11, 2016
In St. Maarten some people call it Noni and others call it Hog Fruit.
peter Sep 15, 2016
i just eat the flowers to avoid the unpleasant fruit.
Bobzy Sep 25, 2016
Why's it called duppy soursop. does it come in like duppy?
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
Noni, that's what I know they call it...
Phoenix Jun 21, 2018
This fruit is one of the natural medicines that's used widely in Jamaica and the caribbean. It's an elixir that purges the blood. Come to the Caribbean and experience some of the amazing healing power of herbs.
root Jun 15, 2019
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