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eddoe leaf
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Aramanth - an edible green leafy vegetable resembling spinach. It is typically prepared by steaming, often with saltfish
bajee, bhagi, callaloo, ilaloo
food, plant
eddoe leafeddoe leafeddoe leafeddoe leafeddoe leaf
J Brown Feb 02, 2014
Also called Calaloo
patrina Nov 19, 2016
eddo leaf does not look like that
jcqk7 Aug 08, 2017
True thing, patrina
SJT Aug 22, 2017
Also called callaloux
Miah Feb 01, 2020
That ain't no damnnnnnnnnnnnn Eddoe leaf 😕😕😕
Fatman Apr 05, 2020
Say something. Keep it civil. Don't know who posted that I'm from Guyana and those are not eddoe leaves ...Fatman
Fritz McLean May 14, 2020
Also known as fine leaf callaloo in Guyana, it is like a wild spinach proliferating as a weed among cultivated pot plants in particular.