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eye pass
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An insulting gesture where one person catches the eyes or gaze of another then turns her eyes and gaze away in an exaggerated motion
bad eye, cut eye
Kevin Jan 28, 2016
You trying to disrespect me? - yuh tek yuh eyes an pass meh?
belna Sep 12, 2016
eye pass has nothing to do with the actual eyes. its a whole set of BEHAVIOURS.- disrespecting the person, thinking you are better than them etc.
Denise Mar 03, 2019
Yes, my mother used to it in a warning voice - "you tink eye a pass me?!"
Christine Jul 16, 2020
Eye pass means to disrespect
Kim Jan 18, 2021
This BS definition of eye pass is some real fus class eye pass. The other 🇬🇾 people are right
S.Tamilpandi Jun 19, 2021
School addmission
Nix Oct 13, 2021
The phrase is ‘yuh tek yuh eyes an pass me?’ It means ‘are you showing me disrespect?’
Lisa Oct 15, 2021
Nix is correct
Charlie Dec 09, 2021
It literally means someone is in front of a person and talking over their shoulder to another person in the back. As in a manager addressing one of their employees and you are directly in front of him when the two are doing the same exact job but praising him in front of you. Showing overt disrespect.
Kaylyn May 08, 2022
My grandma after I leave the light on and walk away-“heh yu eyes must pass meh”
Tete Aug 30, 2022
ah wah di rass, you just tek ya eyes and pass me-said by a “traditional guyanese parent” lol.