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eye water
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Tears. Drops of clear salty liquid that flow from the eye when one is crying or the eye is irritated.
eye water
okeuzo5 Oct 25, 2012
The origin of this compound noun is definitely from one of several African languages that possess a similar contruction. It is common knowledge that a lot of the Africans that were taken to the Carribean came from Western and Central Africa. Examples of African languagess with this construction are:1. IGBO (Eastern Nigeria): In Igbo, the word for "tears" is "Anya Mmiri", where Anya=eyes & Mmiri=water, therefore, Anya Mmiri literally means "Eye Water" or "Yai Waata".2. LINGALA (Eastern DR Congo): In Lingala, the word for tears is "Mai ya Miso", where Mai=water & ya Miso=of eyes, therefore, Mai ya Miso literally means "Water of Eyes"There are probably many other African languages that share a similar concept of "Tears".
Sumadish kunui May 17, 2021
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