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ganga channa
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A ritually prepared meal of channa (chick peas) intended to trap (tie) a man in a romantic relationship. Women prepare the meal by cooking channa and squatting over the steaming pot allowing the mix of condensation and vaginal juices to "sweat" in the food. It is similar to sweat rice.
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SP Oct 12, 2009
Partially correct your have mixed up two things - sweat rice and ganga channa.  Your description is that of sweat rice. Ganga channa is dried human poop that is added to the food - nasty!
ap Feb 02, 2011
Ehp both wrong, The female subject swallows one channa without chewing, collecting it after it passes through her dietry system intact. Then grinds it into a powder and adds to her victims meal. That is the definition of Ganga Channa
anonymous Nov 07, 2011
crazy bitches
anonymous Jun 23, 2012
worse than goat channa
ab Jan 21, 2014
Try goat channa instead
Dave Jun 26, 2019
My wife Katherine from DR do that to me. I sleeping on the couch years now. She has lingerie I have never seen her wear for me. She horning me bad bad too. Even asked me to leave the house for a few hours when she needs alone time . Can't tell you the last time she cook. She don't work ever. I pay all the bills
Kundan lal Maharaj Aug 26, 2019
When your woman has an affair. Anything you can wash You can use again. avr tnt.
Elliott Nock Dec 20, 2019
mother fuckers are nasty bitches
Cocky Dec 03, 2020
It be she take dem juices on her fingers and dun mix in your drink? That's the real Ganga channa way
Lalsingh Oct 10, 2021
goat channa
Bobby Oct 24, 2021
Yek, this is just plain nasty. This might get the man sick rather that control him but all the same here is the trick... Ah know some of the ladies taking note eh. To put it as simple as I can this is simply dried poop that is parched and sprinkled on the persons food.