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Machete. A large flat bladed knife used for agricultural and utilitarian purposes. It is often the weapon of choice for violent encounters.
paquing Feb 10, 2013
Never hear it called a gilpin....I know cutlass, three canal (for the three grooves along the blade), choplass.
jt Feb 11, 2013
I have trinidadian family, and I hear them call it gilpin.
Barrie Nov 30, 2014
A gilpin is a akin to a large cleaver that in used in the field rather than in the kitchen. It is like a large parang. ( the blade, not the music )
Hewson Jul 15, 2019
Gilpin, cutlass, poyah, 3 canal, blade. A large knife like blade mostly used for agricultural purposes but often used as a deadly weapon.
Andre Aug 05, 2021
Gilpin is when the cutlass get shaved down over time a start looking like a big knife. Some other usually terminology, beating someone with the side of a cutlass in Guyana is called “Broadsiding”, I got some Trini 2nd cousins and friends that call it “Planassing”