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The tree and fruit of Phyllanthus acidus. The intermediate sized tree produces small, flattened, multi-lobed, berries with a high acid content. The tart yellow berries are edible raw, but most often stewed with sugar, ginger and other spices.
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Nicole Greaux Dec 04, 2013
we call it gooseberry here in the V.I
wulf Dec 04, 2013
USVI or BVI or both?
bunnyteemo Jan 07, 2014
In the Cayman Islands, we call this a "chellomello" or "cherrimello". I personally love the fruit!
Amirah Feb 17, 2014
we call it sour cherry in Trinidad and Tobago
Cathy Aug 07, 2014
We call it damsel or damson
Cathy Aug 07, 2014
It also makes an amazing drink when boiled....and the stew is delicious. I'm experimenting and looking for other recipes with this fruit
Patrice Feb 27, 2015
We call it jimbilin or cherrymeena in Jamaica
Delanna Jun 05, 2015
We call them damsel
Carol Jul 06, 2015
I know it as Jimbilin.
Jojo Sep 01, 2015
Stew jimbilin or eating it as is was a great childhood past time
VIKID Jan 21, 2016
I remember calling them cherry
Kay Feb 19, 2016
When I visited family in Antigua, I'm pretty sure they called these Raspberry's. I remember thinking, that is no raspberry. Hahah.
patrick Feb 28, 2016
This fruit is a poisonous fruit especially to persons with kidney problems.
Antonio Mar 15, 2016
Can make jam or drink
Nicole Mar 27, 2016
Patrick what symptoms does it present to persons when poisoned? My husband ate some last Tuesday ad developed a itch after bathing........I made juice with it the next day and his itch got worse........(We did not attribute the itch to the fruit) but now that Im seeing has me thinking.........he does not have any kidney problems we are aware of
Ren Jun 03, 2016
I know it as gooseberries
Princess Jun 09, 2016
I ate so much of this fruit but never experience any side effects from it. I know it is tart or as we say sour but I love it. Patrick, what are some of the symptoms?
cecil Jul 09, 2016
Hi. There is also some sweet jimbilin. When u eat the sour ones they say dem cur nature. Lol. Now u a talk when u talk bout stee jimbilin.
Jana Aug 20, 2016
Gooseberry - USVI
Stacey Oct 22, 2016
I remember this as cherrymina.
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
Gooseberry-Dominica...don't they call those sour cherry in Trini?
Zimbline Jan 12, 2017
Used for the preparation of jam and jelly.
Kim Feb 02, 2017
I remember eating this fruit when I was a child.. Haven't seen it in years.. Wish that I could get some or the tree...
Valencia Mar 10, 2017
In Antigua, we eat it raw or in jams and also use it to make a drink. We call it rasberry. Great childhood memories of this fruit.
Brian Mar 27, 2017
We call them Damsel or sometimes damzo
ogram Apr 12, 2017
I know it as jimbilin ..used for stews. I am in India ..they call this Amla
Lionel Jul 15, 2017
I usually eat this as a child. Do not recall any adverse effect except sourness.
Keith Jul 16, 2017
Gooseberry in Guyana.
Seeking it in Atlanta Jul 22, 2017
Wish I could find it here. Stewed it is a great topping for meats or desserts
Sapra Aug 23, 2017
We call it Sapra in Belize but I've never seen us stew it. We just eat it with salt and pepper or soak it in salt and a little vinegar. It's never made me sick and I eat tons of it!
Stephen Aug 24, 2017
Now living in Oklahoma USA. I remember them as gooseberries, I so miss them as well as Genips, Mangoes, Tamarinds, Limes, Coconuts, and Sugar Apples...... all freshly hand picked by "ME"
Bobzy Sep 06, 2017
yardyman Apr 21, 2018
Jimbilin aka starfruit aka carambola.. whether stewed, chilled and eaten ripe or juiced....delicious
Nour Sep 19, 2018
I also know it has jimbilin (jumbelin) it grew near the gully were I resided ( Duhaney Park Kgn 20)
Jae Oct 15, 2018
My sis still has a tree in her back yard. When it's in season it usually produce so much of the fruit you don't know what you do with it all. Makes the most delicious preserve when cooked down with sugar and ginger etc. Great topping ideas.
Elrick Oct 22, 2018
Gooseberry we call it in SKN. i remember eating alot of these (raw and as jam) growing up, no adverse effects except sour lol. Is the stew like making a more runny jam?
Karen Dec 24, 2018
The acid probably caused a reaction. I broke out in hives from eating bajan cherries which are extremely high in vitamin c.
Karen Dec 24, 2018
The acid probably caused a reaction. I broke out in hives from eating bajan cherries which are extremely high in vitamin c.
Andre Dec 28, 2018
Sea grape or gooseberry. Either in Lucia
Andre Dec 28, 2018
Sea grape or gooseberry. Either in Lucia
Andre Dec 28, 2018
Correction: sea wet or gooseberry
Royland Apr 17, 2019
I know this fruit as cherrymina and normally use it with sugar, ginger to make jam or stew.
gary Jun 07, 2019
I know it as Jimbilin and it makes lovely wine too very strong.
gary Jun 07, 2019
I know it as Jimbilin and it makes lovely wine too very strong.
Joseph Feb 18, 2020
Planted 3 trees about five years ago. Gave them bearing salt and they grow among several other fruit trees that are bearing. THEY HAVE NEVER PRODUCED. HELP!
Thelma in NY Mar 25, 2020
Jimbilin grew up eating it as a child. Fresh off the tree or stewed. As far it being poisonous is a ridiculous claim, I don’t even know how people come up with these outrageous statements
Stanley Mar 29, 2020
As a Boy I eat a ton of this fruit , we called it sour Bauge , it is now considered the King of the fruit Kingdom loaded with vitamins C and a ton of other health benefits.
Ann Apr 13, 2020
I would love Patrick to give a response to questions about the effects of jimbilin to people with kidney issues. I am also curious.
Pedro Apr 28, 2020
star fruit is what causes kidney problems.
Ann May 07, 2020
I know the fruit and I presently have a tree at home . Heavily laiden . Very nice really takes me back in time
Pocahontas May 12, 2020
As a child I ate this fruit and we called it Cherrymeena. Yes it was sowah (sour), but we loved it. I haven't seen it for years
David Christian May 19, 2020
Rasberry not Raspberry lol
Leslie-Ann Jun 13, 2020
Jimbilin, that sour fruit which as a child I ate sour or stewed. When stewed it resembles large raisins. Used to pour the stewed ones on ice cream and enjoy. Yunmy
Flex Jul 12, 2020
You can find them in the Caribbean store. In Decatur. Atlanta area. They only have in bottle to preserve it.
Christmas Jul 28, 2020
We call it gooseberries, in Dominica
Ari Jul 29, 2020
We call them damsel in vincy
Ms, Lucy Apr 28, 2021
I have never had stewed Jimbilin; however I ate a lot of the fresh fruit, straight from the tree. Is the fruit the same as the Indian Amla?
Beverly May 11, 2021
Yes buoy me remembah nyamin Jimbalin when I waz a Pinckney (a chile) a dem deh in Jamaica! It sowah ye seh! But, de tree it look pretty!
Sandra l May 15, 2021
This .is 2021 May 15 they are in season now plenty full
Seana May 29, 2021
I love stewed Jimbilin. I have not had any since my adult years. Wish I could getbsome
Andrew May 31, 2021
I know it as Jumbilin in St. Catherine JA
Lorraine Aug 17, 2021
Jimbilin. Sour but delicious 🤤Stew Jimbilin is the best, but don't eat too much ....powerful laxative.
Bobby Sep 08, 2021
The star fruit is known to be a good anti-inflammatory for various skin disorders
belizeanorchid Jan 21, 2022
we call it Sapra
Isha Jan 23, 2022
Having a reaction to this fruit might be because of the high acidity of the fruit .
Em Feb 05, 2022
We call it sour cherries
Wdw Apr 14, 2022
We call that gooseberries
Jb Apr 18, 2022
Star fruit or Jimbilin is different from Cherrymeena berries. Different parishes normally associate diverse name but it's totally from star fruit. Additionally, it's not poisonous.
Ryan May 03, 2022
Called "Sapra" in Belize
Ken Aug 14, 2022
I know them as Cerise
Cyn Aug 17, 2022
Sour Cherries as it's known in Trinidad, it makes a best homemade wine as well as chow, and jam.... does anyone know how it is grown??
Tracy Sep 24, 2022
Can anyone tell me how I can get some jimbilin/cherrymena to purchase?