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jumbee soursop
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Morinda citrifolia otherwise known as 'Noni'. Foul smelling and bitter tasting fruit that commonly grows on small trees close to the sea. The fruit is initially green, but turns white or pale yellow upon ripening.
fruit, plant
jumbee soursopjumbee soursop
Jenae Jan 15, 2017
lol that's noni not soursop
Bejue Dec 24, 2020
This is definitely not Soursop. This is Noni. It smells really horrible when the fruit is rotting. So don't pray to get a tree in your yard. It is mainly juiced as a cleansing. Not eaten like other edible fruits. This has alot of health benefits.
Bobby Sep 11, 2021
duppy soursop/noni
Dr Michael bc Isaac Oct 12, 2021
lots of berrys
Jay Dec 04, 2021
The writer never said it was sour sop, lol. Those are synonyms or other names. Noni is a miracle food.