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june plum
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Ambarella. An edible fruit growing on large trees up to 30m. The fruits have thick, sometimes leathery skin and dendritic (fibrous or hairy) seeds. While unripe, the flesh is crisp and firm with a tart acidic taste. As it ripens, it turns yellow, becomes soft and develops a sweet taste and fragrant smell. Both ripe and unripe fruits can be eaten raw. It is also often prepared by juicing, stewing with ginger and sugar, pickling with peppers and spices, or made into chow.
food, fruit
june plumjune plumjune plumjune plum
wrongone Sep 23, 2012
I remember peeling the green june plums, rubing them with salt, then washing the salt off before eating them. Delicious!
Colln Aug 30, 2013
Guyanese folks call it "Golden Apple"
Jacqueline Oct 11, 2013
Barbadians also call it golden apple.
CJL Nov 30, 2013
Pommecythere in Trinidad and Tobago
Verona Williams Jan 11, 2014
Golden apple in St. Kitts-Nevis too.
Yvette Sanker Riverol Mar 16, 2014
Golden plum in Belize.
kassera Bartley Apr 15, 2015
Sweet very sweet
Vincy Jul 10, 2015
We call it golden apple too.....not June plums...Jamaicans called it June plums!.
ROHAN Oct 25, 2015
golden apple delicious
JSullivan Jan 16, 2016
Jamaicans call it Jew plum
Ewan Apr 11, 2016
I thought it was call (June) plum. A beautiful sweet fruit and the best part of eating this fab fruit is eating the flesh from he spikey seed. getting at all that lovely fruit
Lise-Anne Jun 08, 2016
Golden Apple!!!! šŸ˜€šŸ˜€
Lorna Jun 26, 2016
Jamaicans call it June Plum. I love the large ripe ones. They mostly use the young green ones to make juice from the smaller newer type shrubs. The older large trees bear larger fruit, that is lovely when ripe or half ripe.
Desmond May 23, 2017
June plum in Bermuda also
Lady Lei May 31, 2018
Yes in Trinidad it is known as 'pommecythere' but in Tobago it is also called 'golden apple'.
Zee Sep 24, 2018
In English we say golden Apple. In creole its pommeciterre
Kerine Eunice Feb 20, 2019
June plum so sweet
Dee Nunez Jul 24, 2019
In Grenada, it is called Golden Apple
Sassy Mar 25, 2021
Iā€™m from the USA what does June plum means when you calling your husband/man a June plum ???
Sassy Mar 25, 2021
In Jamaica ????
Jackie Apr 09, 2021
We call it pommeciterre
Jackie Apr 09, 2021
We call it pommeciterre
Max Apr 16, 2021
What does it mean to be called a june plum??
Lady T Jul 03, 2021
June plum here in The Bahamas.
Romecia Aug 24, 2021
I love this but kind of expensive in Trinidad for me
SandrA Sep 08, 2021
Golden apple