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Inga feuilleei is a legume that produces a podded fruit with a smooth textured, sweet, edible white pulp surrounding the seeds.
pacay, padoo
food, fruit, plant
Backyard Champion May 07, 2013
stinking toe. i can't seem to get my synonyms uploaded anymore, so i am commenting them. if anyone read my comments and like the synonyms that i add, please try to upload them for me
admin May 07, 2013
Thanks for your contributions. What problems are you having with synonyms?
And stinking toe is already in the dictionary, so you should be able to add a new definition if this is a different "stinking toe"
ackeegrl Oct 01, 2014
I totally agree. We already have stinking toe. That green fruit is what I know and ate as a locust in Jamaica...apparently now they are calling Stinking Toe " West Indian locust".....wat di backside dem a try fi confuse people fah? We need to tell dem fi leave di name alone.....we already have a locust tree and fruit.....we don't need a new one.
Eva Aug 05, 2015
Spanish Ash in St.V. I knew of only 1 tree on the island and my neighbor had it. Basically a wild fruit that we ate and wondered if we would die afterwards🙈🙏🏻👻
ROHAN Oct 25, 2015
wild padoo grows mainly by the riverside
Kurt Mar 02, 2016
Our locust or stinking toe( "tinking toe") is the fruit of the hymenaea courbaril tree. Vert tasty but smells like sweaty sneakers.
tamika May 19, 2017
in trinidad its name padoo
ManyMany Mar 21, 2019
Sorry to tell you this, but what you have there is not locust. I grew up in Jamaica with a big locust tree behind my house. Locust is in a hard burgundy shell. You have to use a stone to break through to the creamy powdery flesh, which is wrapped around a single seed. It does have a pungent odour, hence the name, Stinking Toe. Google Jamaican locust for a more accurate picture. Best wishes
Nana Jun 16, 2020
That's not Locust and what he is referring to is stinking Toe locust is another name for stinking Toe
Peechc Feb 09, 2021
What type of misleading information is this? I was born and bread in Jamaica, and not once have I heard thinking to referred to a locust or visa versa. Locusts is a small green/greenish yellow fruit with its pulp on the outside and a small round seed on the inside. Stinking Toe may be referred to as locust but NOT IN JAMAICA.