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Otaheite apple; Pear shaped fruit with red skin and white flesh. Typically, they contain a single large seed. However, they may occasionally be seedless. The fruit is sweet and is usually eaten raw or used to make drinks.
food, plant, fruit
Imelda Negretti Feb 15, 2015
Pomerac in T'dad & Tobago, Love it!
Jesse Hacksahw Mar 25, 2015
Maybe I am too young to have been exposed to that word because I've always known them as plumrose and not malaba.
Rohan James May 15, 2015
Never heard them called malaba either, always plumrose.
Richard John May 29, 2015
Never heard it called malaba.
Eva Aug 05, 2015
Plumrose, man!
Anselm Sep 11, 2015
Pomme d'armour in St. Lucia
Plumrose!!!! May 11, 2016
I've only know that as plumrose.
Evocati Feb 22, 2017
Yeah, this is and has always been Plumrose. Loving the site though!
StVincentianOd Jun 17, 2017
Malaba =Malay apple
Graham Jul 06, 2017
I myself never heard anyone call it Malaba
Erica Miller Jul 19, 2017
This is Definitely Plumrose
Kathleen W Oct 25, 2017
Primrose, my favorite fruit in the whole world.
Kris Jun 02, 2018
Plum rose! never heard the name malaba in my life..
Andre Dec 28, 2018
Wax apple in English, pomme d'armour in creole