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To make fun of; to ridicule
Ari May 23, 2012
Interesting. My whole family is from Trinidad and has only ever used this to mean 'sweet-talk'.
anonymous Sep 16, 2012
It's spelt mamaguile and in Trini it means sweet talk 
Trini2dbone Sep 30, 2013
Sweet talk in an insincere way as a means to an end...
Hence subtle ridicule ... To make a monkey of ...
In other words:
"If yuh not too brite yuh eh go ketch on"
Bradley Jul 16, 2016
Lol@ "If yuh not too brite yuh eh go ketch on"
Trinigyalian Aug 26, 2019
It means to bribe or try to flatter someone. So a person would say "Doh mamaguy meh nah". I say it to my American husband all the time lol
Dominic Mar 03, 2020
@Trinigyalian methinks thou doth protest too much!