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guyanese&proud Mar 09, 2014
this isn't true, 'nani' means grandmother on your mom's side, and so 'nana' would be grandfather on your mom's side.
ir Jun 20, 2014
east indians call their grandmother nanny
Student Dec 08, 2016
Yes it is true.. For vincentians. They say things like 'Go wash yuh nani' .. We have different meanings for different words. Not every country/culture is the same
Jah Apr 04, 2017
That's funny in ja "Nanny"is an $500 bill named after one of Jamaicas favorite hero , but in Barbados "Nanny" means "nasty" & now I'm learning dat Nanny/Nani also means pumpum in St Vincent !!!! Dwl!!!😭😭😭
Nanny May 03, 2017
Uptown Girl Jan 29, 2018
I call my grandmother Granny, when I say Nanny (Nanee) that's what it refers to. "Nani"(Nawne) is pum pum, fish, tun tun, VAGINA.
Ayo Apr 21, 2019
Nani means shit 💩
ya ma Nov 19, 2021
nani means stool
nani Nov 20, 2021