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Someone showing an annoying/comical curiosity upon seeing some gadget for the first time.
me Jan 22, 2012
errol sing , hul ur cacahole.
neeranjan Jul 21, 2013
you never see a cacahole come see
cocotee Jul 22, 2013
yes i agree guyana people is really neva c com c
JSS1 Jul 05, 2016
Anna Sep 12, 2016
Another definition for Never see come see people are how some people who didn't have anything at some time in the life but when they get act as if they were always rich! And they forget the people that helped them along the way. Since now "they're in the money" (and sometimes not even that much! ), they want everyone to SEE what they have! I'm sorry but I can't stand that kind of ingratitude!!!
Tricia Apr 27, 2017
Term for poor people who suddenly come into money and do everything they can to show it. They spend their money on expensive and gaudy jewelry, clothes, weaves, houses, cars, etc. but still have no class. They're just so excited to have money for the first time. Most time the 'money soon gone' because they're too busy spending and not investing!
Bobzy May 24, 2017
Similar to Nigerian pidgin money miss rroad Meaning to Spending money frivolously
Never See..Come Aug 02, 2017
Poor people or people of humble beginings who like to 'cut style' and brag about their newfound "wealth" as if they were never part of the struggle.
...come crazy Aug 02, 2017
The full term is never see...come see...come crazy...
....come crazee Dec 11, 2017
First heard this from one of my friends mum from St Lucia.
🇬🇾 Mar 14, 2022
Bajans is sum real neva see cum see🤣🤨Dem don't like see 🐱🐱
Kingstonism Dec 26, 2022
Frighten Friday