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The state of laziness or sleepiness that follows the consumption of a large meal.
chalez143 Sep 15, 2012
Ahahaha, chaa mon. mi can tekk ee when mi get niggaritis
Spose2 Jun 17, 2015
Bie de niggaritis is setting in something serious.
Dominique Oct 27, 2015
Mi a just nyam mi food a likkle while ago. Niggaritis just a kick in mi ago pon mi bed and drop a sleep
Jovial Sep 04, 2016
Never experience this is there something wrong with me?
BahaMan Oct 14, 2016
Museasick, I just finish mashin down all that food nah niggeritis settin in
BahaMan Oct 14, 2016
Davian Nov 24, 2016
Di gyal gaah byan and shi gaah sleep!!! Shi have niggaritis!
Davian Nov 24, 2016
Di gyal jus nyam and shi gaah sleep!!! Shi mussi have niggaritis!
Chrissy Jan 19, 2017
Niggaritis a tek mi!!!
moii Feb 27, 2017
wooiii niggaritis
Mickeylove Apr 11, 2017
Chall my belly full niggaritis kicking in
Diamond May 08, 2017
Niggaritis a set in ......
Yvonne Dec 11, 2017
I now live in the USA and was fired from my job because I asked a co worker if you got nigaritis. Do you think I was discriminated and should get a legal case against the company.
widow Apr 26, 2018
my wife is dead.
KAY May 31, 2018
Niggaritis tun up rn
Jackie Aug 07, 2018
IHOP food gimmi nigaritis.Now mi waa sleep !
Dextah Aug 10, 2018
Bloodclot mi mash up aki ahn salfish, niggaritis a strike pahn mi rass like dauppeh
Niggeritits Oct 15, 2018
My no remember de tiem I got the lazy niggaritis from de kandy stor
bomboclot Oct 23, 2018
ma main mon gat mi feelin the niggaritis when his mom meid a stuff dinna fo his fam, now ma stomuk full mon