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Folk magic, sorcery, and religious practices derived from Central African and West African origins. The practice is often associated with evil or black magic, but also used for luck, healing and love.
guzum, guzzu, science, vodou, voodoo
To cast a spell on, or to curse
wrongone Sep 23, 2012
Synonyms: necromancy, voodoo, witchcraft
howi Feb 01, 2015
Derives from the beliefs of the akan peoples of ghana. The word oveah either comes from igbo obia which means doctoring or from akan obayi which means witchcraft, sorcery.
KB May 31, 2015
We use this term in Trinidad as well to describe black magic or bush magic, "Ah going by de obeah man for a rub down, I want a baby bad."
Bobzyoy Aug 03, 2016
The weird feeling I get whenever the duppy is around scares me shizless....don't know how the obeah man does it.
Fat Pussy Feb 01, 2020
Obeah well known in Guyana 😂😂😂😂
Madame May 25, 2020
Listen here folks these were the practices we were doing long before the white man introduces their white god to us and I know you saw what happened after he was introduced. We need to go back to our roots. Nothing about this is scary, it has been portrayed to be seen as scary because they know the true power behind it.