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old heg
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A ghost or spirit that lives as an old woman by day, but turns into a blood sucking monster by night. According to some legends, she is able to to take off her skin and put it back on.
veronica Jan 24, 2013
ya man helars
zheenea Sep 07, 2014
de carefull because one kill my uncle
Belna Jan 16, 2016
o'ligue/ old higue = old hag. British origin
Daron May 22, 2019
One of em got me on my leg!
Nissi Dec 10, 2019
I saw one without its skin and ran it down but lose it
Vashti Dec 11, 2019
Woke up Monday morning and saw my leg red The mark is still dere
Jay Dec 04, 2020
Me uncle we one and chase am