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Mubiru Mike Nov 15, 2015
Say something. Keep it civil. love nyooo
niche Sep 12, 2017
my east indian relatives use this word to mean "stupid" e.g "yuh poohar awa?"
celine.alesha.husain Sep 19, 2017
It means untidy
Stephanie Jun 26, 2018
Poohar used for someone being Clumsy as well.
Caryeese Mar 10, 2020
To do something poorly
Gail Jul 19, 2020
Poohar was used by my East Indian neighbours to mean stupid and also poor.
Gayle Sep 30, 2021
that doesn't make any sense ^^^^^
Tally Oct 08, 2021
My grandma used to call me this when I did some thing silly as a kid. my friend also told me his aunt called him this
Errol Singh Aug 17, 2022
Poorah does not mean clumpsy, poor, stupid, silly and most of what people are saying here. Only two persons said it correctly: untidy and to do something poorly. Poorah is an adverb (describing how something was done) and an adjective (describing the "person" who does the act)