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Flatulence; A fart.
faat, poop, poopsee
Phyl Feb 20, 2018
Same for The Bahamas!
T Sep 04, 2018
A next word for fart
Ken Feb 03, 2020
Lol! I came across this page because a Jamaican student said the word in my class. I already knew what it meant but wanted to see if the meaning was on the internet. Thanks!
Ny Aug 03, 2020
I didn't know anyone else says this. I'm just looking up our dialect to see what they mean on the internet.
Nin Aug 22, 2020
My niece kept farting and I heard my brother saying it lol. I looked it up because I’ve heard this word all my life but never knew how it was spelled.
Jay Nov 11, 2021
I honestly was curious about whether it was on the internet and i was bored. but it was cool to see others out there are also thinking about poomps. Lol!
nou Dec 07, 2021