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An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance.
shaneque Nov 25, 2014
mad up yuh thing
Bobzyoy Sep 14, 2016
Kick de rassclot ball bwoy (kick the damn ball)
Phabe Jul 09, 2021
No its doesn mean what you all have written it's a Blood cloth in translation ref to wat a female wesr on her period The is When you wipe you bottom after Toilet paper back in olden ti,e was cloth that was used
Art Anderson Jul 27, 2021
I was told many many years ago, a white guy doesn't try to be clever by using "bloodclaat" around islanders unless they are men you know well and you use it in the right tone and intention. Maybe I'm over reacting but I was also told calling a guy "blood seed" and you just bought yourself trouble.