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rice and peas
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A dish made from rice and peas or beans. Red kidney beans and gungo are commonly used. The dish is typically prepared with coconut milk and lots of seasoning.
rice and peas
SilentR Jul 29, 2008
Did not know Trinidad use 'rice and peas' also. Thought it was peas and rice..
wyvern Jul 30, 2008
The guyanese have it backwards
SilentR Jul 31, 2008
It could go either way, noh soh?..Or is this the thought process:l if you have more rice than peas, then is rice an peas, and if is more peas dan rice, den is peas an rice...?
heretic Aug 01, 2008
Rice is the dominant ingredient, therefore it's rice and peas.
SilentR Aug 05, 2008
tjb11419 Feb 09, 2009
in trinidad its peas in rice
AKKS Feb 16, 2009
Well everybody got it wrong.Inna Belize we seh "Rice and Beans" with coconut milk and "Stew Beans and Rice" without.
CaribDigita Mar 30, 2009
@wyvern in Barbados its the otherway round too.\r\nPeas and Rice... If you say it the otherway it is a tip off on who is outsider... lol
Jmc Nov 09, 2009
by The way am from costa rica, 23 years old and we also eat rice and peas, Limon costa rica.
Philyny Nov 15, 2009
Bey I couldn't resist, I'm from Bahamas and we call it Peas and Rice too.
mick Nov 16, 2009
We should take a vote, and see all who call it peas and rice.
Abigail Dec 03, 2009
Rice an Peas, but there's always a argument about calling them 'beans' instead!
AKKS Dec 04, 2009
Yup it seem like only Belizeans does call it di carrect term.....B.E.A.N.S.
Starboy Dec 15, 2009
Spanish influenced and Latin countries say beans instead of peas. A hundred thousand variation on the same thing. In Guyana there's probably about 15 variation on the same thing depending on where you live and what you put in or leave out
Ras Skipper Jan 16, 2010
whats wrong wid allyuh? Gungo PEAS! Therefore Rice and peas, seen!
stefey818 Feb 10, 2010
a rice and peas. jamaican style
Gabs Feb 11, 2010
check it. Bajans use all sorts o' tings in it. Mostly pigeon PEAS, split PEAS, black eye PEAS. And since it is more rice dan peas it is Rice & Peas for Baje. study yuh heads
maneface Apr 08, 2010
agrees @stefey818 lol
LoveTheVoiceWithin Feb 23, 2011
lol I call it rice and beans, cause i'm from Belize ;)
Yardstar7 Jun 10, 2011
 if the dish we are discussing is the traditional Jamaican dish pictured above, there is no debating it- it's strictly "RICE-N-PEAS" Mi a defend, seen!
wadadlireggae Jun 16, 2011
"rice an peas" in antigua an' all...
SlightPeppa Aug 28, 2012
Alyuh could talk rel shit yuh kno.. it doh matta wah alyuh call it.  Besides, in TRINIDAD, we call it PEAS and RICE. Because it not jus rice it have PEAS in it too. Because de blasted peas come first doh mean shit! Lol 
wrongone Sep 23, 2012
It doesn't matter what you call it. Just eat it. It so nice.
Belizealldiweh Jun 24, 2013
If it kidney bean it clearly rice an beans. If it gungo or any oda pea, dem rice an peas. It na matter where ya from beans a de beans. Peas a de peas. Zeen? Zeen.
KSH Jul 26, 2016
You first prepare the peas and then you prepare the rice...peas and rice
Vueense Aug 31, 2016
rice and beans in Cuba
Bobzy Jun 02, 2017
I believe that Haitians call it diri ask pwa~ rice and beans also
Bobzy Jun 02, 2017
Wait is diri kolé ak pwa the same as above
Bobzy Jun 02, 2017
I have question is diri ak pwa rice and peas
Bobzy Jun 02, 2017
Diri ak pwa rice and beans /rice and peas????????
Zip Apr 04, 2023
yow look here man down here is rice and peas, rice dominate the dish