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The fruit of the Flacourtia indica which is a species of flowering plant native to much of Africa and tropical and temperate parts of Asia. The fruit itself is a pome about an inch thick and red ripening purple. It is very fleshy and has 6 to 10 seeds in layered carpels. The pulp is yellow or white and sweet with an acidic tang. It is eaten raw or made in to jelly or jam. It can be fermented to make wine.
fruit, food, plant
Jassie Singh Sep 01, 2013
I have been looking for information on this fruit for a long time, and happy to see a picture of it! I have not had this fruit since my teens.........40 something years ago, and thought it was extinct. It was such fun to eat, since you had to roll it in the palm of your hands, or on a hard surface, until it was soft inside, being careful not to burst it, then burst it in your mouth!
patricia henry Oct 15, 2013
hi Jassie i know this fruit very well .. my sister have a couple trees and they are full of fruits right now. .