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The fruit and tree of Averrhoa bilimbi. A relative of the carambola or star fruit, the tree produces an edible, green, five pomed, cucumber like fruit.
food, fruit, plant
kemil Apr 30, 2015
this taste good with salt and bird pepper
Jamikes May 01, 2015
I know this fruit by a different name in Jamaica, though I'm not entirely sure of the correct spelling, we call it Carmanga or Carramanga. It can be very tart with an astringent effect like some citrus fruits. It can be eaten raw, and is indeed good with salt... We normally prepare it by pickling or sauteeing in a variety of ways with various spices (sometimes curry powder) and use as a condiment.
Jamikes May 01, 2015
After some searching found that in that this is called Kamias, Iba or Belimbing in the Philippenes.
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Also pretty sure I saw an episode of Bizaare Foods with Andrew Zimmern in some part of India where they used this fruit in their cooking.
Happy to know this is enjoyed the world over!
Deiah Mar 16, 2016
I thought this was brown round nasty thing
Miah Feb 01, 2020
Nah this is "Sowery" or "Sourie" in GT um sour baddddddd😩😩😩
AM May 06, 2020
We call it a name sounding like "camanga". I know it being used in Jamaica mainly by Jamaicans of East Indian descent (like me). Its made into a hot sauce by pickling and sauteing with lots of scotch bonnet pepper and, of course, curry!. Goes well with Indian dishes. For some old school descendants of East Indians in Jamaica, its a must to have a tree in some corner of the yard.
Kim Jun 29, 2020
Sourie , nice to make drink , fruits for cake , sour for black pudding , phaluri , and others but better with salt and pepper ( remember the days ? )
Nan Singh Jul 16, 2021
Can I get this Guyanese Sourie in the UK?