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su su
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A form of savings where a group of people pay an agreed sum of money on a periodic basis (usually monthly) and each period one member of the group takes all the money that has been paid (their share). This practice has been traced back to Yoruba credit system.
anonymous Sep 16, 2012
It's sou sou
Jacqueline Aug 03, 2013
Usually referred to as a Meeting/Meeting Turn in Barbados
Belna Jun 22, 2015
baxhand, box hand
Kes Sep 02, 2015
We call it "box hand" in hand.
Okolo Oct 20, 2015
We call it partner
Mr E Jan 31, 2016
The word susu is also used in reference to rotating savings and credit associations in Ghana and the Caribbean.
Mr E Jan 31, 2016
They run their businesses from kiosks located in the market place and act as mobile bankers. Deposits, often of low but regular value, are usually taken on a daily basis over the course of a month. At the end of this period the susu collector returns the accumulated savings to the client but keeps one day's savings as commission. Susu collectors may also provide advances to their clients
Ariel Soonachan Mar 29, 2017
Sou sou
Ditan Jun 23, 2017
sou sou
Su Su Jan 22, 2018
A rotating savings among a group of persons
Bigga Jun 13, 2018
KasMoni / kasmoney
Eden Sep 06, 2018
We call it sou sou.
Jen Apr 02, 2019
kasmoni means cash money. You get at right away instead of going to the bank.
Witson Aug 13, 2019
We call it un bolso mean a bag like we feel a bag I’m each week for someone
Susu man Jul 16, 2020
This also means to pee
Kathleen polion Oct 26, 2020
What is a su su
Sól Feb 17, 2021
Haitians call this Sól it’s the only way we can save money lol.
TT Apr 04, 2021
We call it “asue”. Participants deposit a particular amount called a “hand”. For example, a participant could “throw a full or half hand” each week or month depending on asue’s terms. A participant would collect a “draw” which is the total amount saved for the asue. We continue to pay homage to our ancestors 🇧🇸
Ubong Abel Apr 10, 2021
In Nigeria we call it "Osusu". Money is contributed daily and @ the end of the year or month, as the case may be, the collector takes a day contribution as his or her charge/commission 😉
Bobby Sep 11, 2021
Barbadians know it as meeting it works like an office lottery that rotates to a different person every week also known a su su